Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Inktober/Blogtober: Day 9

Day 9 of Inktober comes with the prompt word "precious."  There's a lot that can be conjured up by that word; priceless jewels, a baby wrapped tightly in a mother's arms, a small puppy...

But for me, "precious" is the word I use to describe the people I love the most.  The people without whom, my life would be a far emptier place.  And in my eyes, of those people, it's the ones who simply don't see themselves as I do, that are often the most precious of all.  So, today I wanted to write a poem that encapsulates what I think of when I hear the word "precious."

You have no idea, do you?
That the whole world turns over
When something makes you laugh.
That to stand by your side
Is to be in my "happy place,"
No matter where we are.
That you hold the stars in your hands.

And you really have no clue
How you dazzle everyone
With the talents that you hold.
That to watch you blossom
Is to be overwhelmed with pride
And love for all you are
And all that you aspire to be.

You barely realise
The beauty you possess,
On the outside and within.
That your eyes tell stories
Your lips cannot find words for;
Stories I keep inside.
Secrets we've shared without speaking.

Without you noticing,
You changed the universe,
With a magic of your own.
Beside you feels like home,
The masks we wear tossed aside.
You introduced me to
The person I was scared to be.

You have no idea how loved
You already are, by me.
A love unconditional.
You need only ask me
And I will be by your side,
To laugh, to cry with you.
To share the world you brought to me.

Perhaps you don't recognise
The strength you have, inside.
You are inspirational.
These words might flush your cheeks
And you may shake your head,
But I speak only truth:
You never fail to amaze me.

Everything that makes you you,
Is so precious to me.
If you could see through my eyes,
You'd never doubt yourself,
Your beauty or what you're worth.
You are the world to me.
And you have no idea.

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