Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Bedtime Story (31/10/2018)

How could I post a story on this date and NOT have it be about Halloween?!  This is all about the REALLY scary things in life...

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What I'm REALLY Scared Of...

It's Halloween and everyone 
Is dressing up as something scary.
But I'm not scared of monsters
That are big, angry and hairy!
The things that really frighten me
Are worse than any ghost that could appear.
So here's a list of all the things
That I actually fear...

Being called to see the headmaster,
When you know he'll be cross with you.
A really difficult maths test,
When you just don't know what to do.
Missing the final step or two,
When you're walking down the stairs.
Having the same school bag as someone else
And accidentally taking home theirs.

Falling out with my best friend,
Or forgetting my school lunch money.
Telling a joke in front of my class
And nobody finding it funny.
Standing on stage to sing a song
And forgetting all of the words.
Having a root canal at the dentists 
- Because my brother says that hurts!

Forgetting my PE kit
And having to do it in my undies.
Being told to be silent somewhere important
Then doing a massive sneeze.
Jumping off the highest board
At my local swimming pool.
Trying to impress someone
And looking like a fool.

Being chased down the street
By an angry, buzzing wasp.
Being in a go-kart
And not knowing how to stop!
Standing in something wet and gross
When I'm walking with bare feet.
Getting lost in the supermarket,
Because I'm too busy looking at sweets.

All these things scare me,
But I still don't hide away.
I go out there and face my fears
Every single day.
And I'm sure you'll understand,
Now you've read of phobias like these,
Why meeting a monster or a ghost
Would frankly be a breeze!


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