Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Inktober/Blogtober Crossover: Day 24

We're into the final week of my Inktober/Blogtober challenge and I can't quite believe that I haven't missed a day, yet.  It's very like me to start something and then get distracted and just... forget to finish it, after all.

Today's prompt word is "chop" and initially, I thought about writing a blog all about my love of cooking (hence the ADORABLE gif).  That's really the only time I chop things, to be honest.  I don't live in a house with a big, open fireplace that requires freshly chopped wood, for a start.  I did live in a house with a real fireplace when I was a child, but funnily enough, my parents didn't let six-year-old-me use an axe to chop the wood for it.

There's something lovely about a real fireplace.  The crackling sound, the smell it makes, the warmth as you sit on a rug in front of it, holding your hands out...  I think very probably because I lived in a house with a real fireplace for a while as a child, I associate an open fire with being little and carefree.  

But that doesn't have much to do with the word "chop."

I also can't do any kind of martial arts.  My old friend Lizzie had a black belt in...  Something or other...  And she could definitely do a chop.  And a high kick, come to mention it.  I'm a bit of a weakling.  The only black belt I have goes really nicely with a skirt or jeans.

So, I guess preparing food really is the only time I do any chopping.  I don't mind that.  I happen to be quite a big fan of both cooking and eating.

I'm going to end this here, because to be honest, I've given myself a food craving.  

I'm off to find some chops...

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