Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Bedtime Story (4/4/2018)

A bit of a deep subject this week, but I've been thinking about the different places that anger can come from and the other emotions that often hide behind it.  I'm a strong believer that no subject should be off-limits, in terms of children's stories, so I decided to write about this one!

You can listen to this story as a podcast by clicking here.

The Angry Kid

In Jackson's class, there was a boy,
Who always seemed to be mad.
His face was like thunder, his hands were in fists.
He was a very angry lad.

The boy was always stomping his feet,
And giving out furious glares.
Jackson and his friends would cower and shrink
Beneath the weight of the angry kid's stares.

But behind his fury was a different feeling.
One day, Jackson heard him cry:
"My Gran's in hospital, really ill.
I'm just so scared she might die."

Suddenly, the angry kid in his class
Wasn't a tough boy with no cares.
He was a young lad, frightened by realising
That sometimes, life isn't fair.

So, Jackson gently spoke to the boy,
Who admitted that he felt really sad.
"Sometimes," the boy said, "I feel so afraid,
It bubbles over and makes me feel mad."

"Does that sound stupid?" The boy asked.
"To be angry because I feel scared?"
But he didn't seem so cross anymore,
Because he knew now that somebody cared.

"All kinds of feelings can make us mad,"
Jackson smiled as he softly replied.
"If a feeling is bad, it can tangle your mind
And make you feel stormy inside."

"Sometimes if I feel embarrassed," he said,
"I get grumpy and cross with my friends.
I end up frowning and sulking until
The angry feeling inside of me ends."

"I get grouchy when I'm tired as well,
Because then my temper is short.
I feel like I want to block out the whole world
And just be alone with my thoughts."

"We might be cross because we don't feel well,
Or frustrated because something went wrong.
And sometimes that anger can stay a while,
But other times it doesn't last long."

"The important thing is to know how you feel;
What's the reason you're feeling so mad?
Then you can work out what to do next,
To stop yourself feeling so bad."

"You might need to talk to your family or friends,
Or you may need some time on your own.
You might have energy you've got to burn off,
Or you might want quiet time, safe at home."

"Just remember being angry doesn't feel nice.
That feeling can tie you in knots.
It might cause you to make some bad choices.
It can make you feel breathless and hot."

"Being angry happens to everyone.
It's a perfectly normal thing for you to feel.
But if you can find out what's making you so mad,
You'll soon be back on an even keel."

The boy didn't look so incensed, anymore,
Although he did still look rather sad.
But he managed a smile at Jackson;
Just having talked it through made him glad.

So, next time you start feeling angry,
Remember to ask yourself why.
Then do whatever you need to do,
To wave those cross feelings goodbye.

Count to ten, take a deep breath,
Or sit quietly up in your room.
Hit a pillow, or play music loud,
You could even howl at the moon!

Just don't let that angry feeling
Drive you totally mad.
Remember family and friends are there
To help when things feel bad.

And you can help others too, sometimes,
As through life you are travelling along.
Perhaps next time someone seems upset,
You could start by asking: "What's wrong?"


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