Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bedtime Story (11/04/2018)

Lately, I've been thinking about how much of ourselves we sometimes keep hidden and how easy it is to judge someone based on only a fraction of their personality.  With that in mind, I wanted to write a story about acknowledging a person as a whole, not by only one aspect of who we think they are.  I think that's a pretty important lesson to teach little ones and I hope you enjoy this week's story.

You can also listen to this story as a podcast.

Alex Is The Bravest Boy

Alex is the bravest boy, 
Perhaps in the whole school.
He's the first to go exploring,
The first to dive into the pool.
He isn't scared of bugs or ghosts,
Or anything at all!
He's never one to shy away,
He's always standing tall.

But Alex has a big fear,
That keeps him up at night.
The thought of looking scared
Makes him quiver with such fright!
He thinks he has to be the bravest,
Because it's what his friends expect.
If he admits to being frightened,
His reputation would be wrecked!

Leila is the funny one,
She's always telling jokes!
If you sit next to her at lunch,
She'll make you giggle 'til you croak!
She never takes life seriously,
She's always up for a laugh.
When you hear a joke from Leila,
Your day improves by half!

But Leila's jokes are armour,
To protect her from the world.
"Because sometimes life is scary,"
She thinks, with her lip curled.
"And sometimes life is sad as well,
With troubles heaped on in piles.
And all you can do is tell a joke
To try to make people smile."

Then there's Chris, the quiet one.
He doesn't have much to say.
He keeps himself to himself,
Doesn't like to get in the way.
He doesn't like to take charge of games,
He's not a boy who leads.
He'd much rather sit all by himself,
In a quiet corner and read.

But Chris isn't actually quiet,
He's just ever so shy.
He'd love to really get involved;
He feels life just passes him by.
He's not sure how to leave his shell,
So he watches the others roaring,
As he peeps over the top of his book,
And hopes they don't think he's boring.

People are just like icebergs,
With only the tip above the sea.
There's more to them than meets the eye,
So much more than you first see.
So try to get to know some more:
Find out who they really are.
When a person is more than just one thing,
They become more exciting by far!

They might still be brave, or funny or shy,
But they'll have a lot more to them, too.
So getting to know your friends a bit better
Is what I encourage you all to do.


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