Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Bedtime Story (28/3/2018)

As I write this, rather unusually for Cornwall, it's snowing quite heavily!  The weather has been all over the place so far this year, so what else could I do but write yet another story about it?!

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"What's Your Favourite Kind of Weather?"

"I can't do my homework," Alice loudly moaned.
"It's just too hard!"  She rolled her eyes and groaned.
"We have to write about what kind of weather we like best,
But I like every kind of weather," poor Alice confessed.

Mum pulled a face: "Surely not all kinds?
There must be a favourite type that you can find?
Or maybe think of weather you don't like and rule that out?
Then you'll just be left with good weather types to write about."

"But I like all weather, I told you!"  Alice said.
"Can't I just write about loving every kind, instead?"
And so, Alice decided that was just what she would do.
And she chose to tell her mother all about it, too.

"I love it when it rains and causes puddles on the ground,
Because I can wear my wellies and splash and stomp around.
Sometimes when the ground gets wet, I can make mud pies!
And even if you just breathe in, rainy air smells kind of nice."

"I love a cold, crisp day outside," were the next words Alice spoke.
"You go into the chilly air and see your breath come out like smoke!
Everything is frosty and sometimes, the puddles freeze.
You run around to warm up, with your cheeks pink from the breeze."

"And windy days are excellent," Alice added with a smile.
"You can throw a leaf into the air and watch it blow for miles!
You can't stand still for too long, or you might just blow away,
And when the wind is noisy, you can't hear what people say!"

Alice clapped her hands together, suddenly crying: "Snow!
Oh, it's so lovely to watch those twirling white flakes blow.
Building snowmen, throwing snowballs and sledging down the street.
It may be cold, but snowy days really are a treat!"

"But then again, a hot day is pretty special, too.
When your skin smells of sun cream and the sky is clear, bright blue.
Sunny days are perfect for a fun trip to the sea.
I lie there in the warm sand and let the sun beam down on me."

"Of course, a hot day means finding shady spots to hide,
Just to start you cooling down, before you get too fried!
But feeling the warmth on your skin makes everyone feel better.
No need for Winter boots, or a big, thick, woolly sweater!"

"Even storms are brilliant," Alice told her mum.
"With all that flashing lightning and thunder like a drum.
You have to sit by the window and watch it through the glass.
I don't mind staying inside and waiting for it to pass."

"I even like a foggy day, when the clouds hang really low.
You can barely see a thing; you have to mind how you go.
All the world looks different, depending on the weather.
But all of it is beautiful, when we enjoy it together."

"So, I can't pick my favourite; trying just gives me the blues.
I really do love all weathers and I simply cannot choose."
Alice finished writing and on her pencil started chewing:
"I think it's time to go outside and see what the weather's doing!"


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