Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Bedtime Story (4/7/2018)

I may not be American, but how could I ignore the fact that this week's bedtime story goes live on 4th July?!  So, this story is dedicated to my American readers.

I'd Like To Be A Firework

I'd like to be a firework,
Fizzing through the sky.
Illuminating the darkness
Whenever I pass by.

I want to zoom into the stars,
bursting with energy.
I want to paint my colours
Onto people's memories.

I'd love to dance through the night,
Sparkling like the stars.
Leaving my troubles far behind,
In that dark, grey world of ours.

I'd sprinkle rainbow flashes
As I burst into the night,
Breaking up the darkness
With colour and with light.

I'd like to soar high in the air,
Effortless and free,
With glitter trails in my wake,
As far as I can see.

I want the crowd to gasp,
As I put on my show.
I want there to be no limit
To how far I can go.

I'd like to be a firework,
That's what I'd like to be.
But I'll sparkle and be colourful,
Even just being me.


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