Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Bedtime Story 25/7/2018)

This story goes live on the day I finally have some bright colours added to my hair, having wanted pink and purple in it for a very long time!  So, I'm celebrating the fact with a special themed story...

When I Grow Up, I Want Rainbow Hair!

I can't wait to be a grown up,
And do anything I want.
I'll dye my hair rainbow colours,
With pink right at the front.

I want a tattoo of a mermaid
And a pair of funky boots.
I'll wear a glittery top hat
And a snazzy sequined suit.

When I'm grown up and I can choose,
I'll ride a motorbike.
I'll have a shiny helmet
And go wherever I like.

I'm going to wear nail varnish
That glows even in the dark.
And I'll wear trainers with lights that flash
Whilst I run round the park.

I'll go as crazy as I like
When I'm all grown up, I swear!
I'll have mad hair and wear the clothes
That make all the people stare.

Because being grown up
Can sometimes sound quite boring.
With jobs to do and bills to pay,
So I need some reassuring

That life won't be dull,
When I'm not a kid, anymore.
I need to make it fun,
Of that I'm very sure!

Grandad likes to say to me:
"Life's too short, you know!
So eat that cake, buy those shoes,
Go out and watch that show!"

That's why I never want
My life to become plain.
So when I'm grown up, I'll stand out,
And not just look the same.

Of course, it's what's inside
That really counts, I'm sure.
So people might wonder
What my strange look is for!

But I'll be happy, being me.
I really doubt I'll care!
I'll be a grown up, walking down the street,
With sparkling rainbow hair.


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