Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Bedtime Story (27/6/2018)

I am the granddaughter of a Greek Cypriot immigrant to this country.  I am enormously proud of my mixed heritage and of the contribution my much-loved Paps made to Britain.  If there is one thing I think it is utterly vital to uphold, it is acceptance of the multicultural society we live in.  It is with that in mind, that I present you with this week's bedtime story.

Feel free to listen to me reading this week's story, by clicking here.

All The People In My Street

All of the people in my street,
Are the nicest folk you'll ever meet.
They don't all look or sound like me,
But there's nowhere else I'd want to be.

There's David, who drives a red Ferrari,
And Nisha, who's so pretty in her sari.
Old Mrs Peak lives alone with her cat,
But Sam next door lives with a guy called Matt.

Mr Shah's beard is ever so long.
Shanise teaches me Jamaican songs.
Shayla wears a scarf over her head.
Jakob bakes us Polish bread.

Some live in couples and some live alone,
But inside each house is a cosy home,
Where just like me, people live, laugh and love,
Regardless of which God they believe is above.

Some people are rich, others don't have much money,
But here's a fact I find ever so funny:
No matter their skin colour or family name,
Deep down, the folk on my street are all the same...

We all love our families as well as our friends.
We all fall asleep, when a busy day ends.
We all need to eat and drink to live,
And all of us each has something to give.

We learn from each other every day,
We listen to what everyone has to say.
We comfort each other, when someone is sad.
And when things go right, we all feel glad. 

Just because someone is different to you,
There's still a fact that will always be true:
We're all just people, living in the world,
Whether brown or white skinned, whether boy or girl.

Whatever someone believes, whoever they love,
They can all be happy, they can all find things tough.
Sometimes I think life would be ever so sweet,
If we could treat the whole world, like the friends on my street.


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