Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Bedtime Story (1/8/2018)

At the time of writing, we're predicted some summer storms.  The weather is hot and heavy - you can tell we're due a downpour!  So, this story is for every British person, sweltering in the heat and feeling just a bit excited for some rain...

Having missed all of July, the podcasts are back this month!  So, you can listen to this week's story here.

The Summer Storm

"It's coming," Mum said.
"The sky is darker, overhead.
I heard the weatherman warn
We may get a summer storm.
I planned on going out,
But maybe we'll stay in, instead."

But Ted and sister Jo
Had places they'd like to go.
They didn't fancy staying in,
Waiting for storms to begin.
Eventually Mum let them out:
"You two be careful, though!"

They sat in their back garden,
As the sky continued to darken.
"Rain will feel like a cool shower,"
Jo said. "And it'll water the flowers."
Ted stared up at the black clouds,
His expression starting to harden.

It felt to hot to ever rain,
As though they'd never be cool again!
But a breeze was gently blowing now
And as Ted mopped his glistening brow,
He knew the clouds above were full
Of water they could not contain.

Sure enough, there fell a drop,
Another and another - it did not stop!
The faded grass was soon soaked through,
There was only one thing they could do:
With hands above their soaking heads,
Back into the house they hopped.

The rain seemed to last for hours,
It wasn't one of those quick showers!
And soon, a rumble of thunder came
And they saw lightning through the window pane.
Jo didn't like the storm that much,
And under her bed, she stayed to cower.

But though the wind was blowing fast
And the parched Earth had some rain at last,
The temperature didn't seem to drop!
Both Jo and Ted still felt hot.
They were hot when the storm began
And were still warm when it passed.

Then, just like that, the clouds were gone.
The rain stopped and the sun shone.
The wind died down to barely a breeze;
There was nothing to rustle the plants or trees.
Back into the garden, Jo and Ted crept,
With hats and sun cream on.

"It's not like storms in Winter, Mum,"
Ted cried out.  "Those make me glum.
Because it gets cold and we can't play,
But the sun has come back out, today!"
He told Jo: "I might go in our tree house,
if you would like to come!"

Once more, a sunny scene took form,
In the garden with Ted and Jo nice and warm.
There they played for the rest of the day,
Under a sky with not a hint of grey.
The weather had not left behind
A single trace of the summer storm.


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