Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Bedtime Story (7/3/2018)

This Sunday is Mother's Day, here in the UK.  I dedicate this story to the most awesome mum in the world - mine!

As always, you can also listen to this week's story as a podcast.

My Mum Is REALLY Awesome!

My Mum is REALLY awesome,
She makes me smile each day.
Whenever life gets me down,
She knows just what to say.

She's always there with cuddles
And she gives such great advice.
Any time we spend together
Is guaranteed to be nice.

We have so much in common,
We like loads of the same things.
We sit for hours talking.
We smile and laugh and sing.

My Mum is REALLY awesome.
She does so much for me.
Like taking me on fun days out,
Or cooking me my tea!

I like the clothes my Mum wears.
I like her pretty perfume smell.
I like the way she makes me better,
When I don't feel too well.

She's always very funny,
She makes me laugh a lot:
Sometimes when she's joking
And sometimes when she's not!

My Mum is REALLY awesome,
She's my number one best friend.
Every single day with her
Is a happy one to spend.

Sometimes we disagree a bit,
Or get cross with one another.
But we always make up in the end
And say sorry to each other.

I love my Mum so very much,
I tell her all the time.
Of all the mums across the world,
The very best is mine.


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