Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Bedtime Story (8/11/2017)

I've been thinking, recently, about how we all tend to rush around, trying to get everything done and never really stopping to take in the world around us.  So, this week's story is my way of saying perhaps we should try to slow down, every now and then...

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"I Don't Have Time For That!"

I'm a very busy person.  I like to be; it's great!
Life is full of exciting things, especially when you're eight.
There's always a new toy to check out, or a new cartoon on TV.
There's always somewhere to explore, or friends to go and see.
Mum tells me to calm down: "You're like a skittish cat!"
But calm down?!  ME?!  I don't have time for THAT!

I'm always on the go, you see, as soon as I get up.
I gulp down my breakfast and quickly drain my cup.
I don't sit still for very long; sitting's not what I do!
If you had the chance to run and play, wouldn't you choose that, too?!
Sometimes, I even slide downstairs, on our front door mat!
So, really?  Calming down?!  I don't have time for THAT!

I run round and round the garden, until I'm feeling dizzy.
I climb up trees, ride my bike... I'm really VERY busy!
I hate missing out on anything, so I need to do it all.
I say "yes" to absolutely everything, from den-building to football!
If my friends suggest a trip to the park, I'm there in ten seconds flat.
Taking it easy?  Resting at all?  I don't have time for THAT!

Of course, all of this action does sometimes wear me out.
It's tiring to be constantly having to run and jump and shout.
But surely sitting quietly would just be really boring?
So, I get my rest when I'm in bed, tucked up safe and snoring.
I'm certain if I just stopped still, my battery would run flat.
And I don't want that to happen; I don't have time for THAT!

But today, in the garden, as I sat on the branch of a tree,
I saw a family of small, black ants, carrying a leaf for their tea.
I watched them marching for so long, the sun began to set.
I saw the clouds give way to streaks of pink and gold and red.
And as I sat there, very still, I was joined by my neighbour's cat.
He purred and let me stroke him: I DO have time for THAT.

The world seemed rather quiet, yet wide awake as well.
And as I hugged the tree branch close, I sniffed a teatime smell.
I knew I'd have to go inside and eat my dinner, soon.
But I stayed and watched the stars come out to greet the silvery moon.
I noticed a bird fly across the sky - or it might have been a bat?!
Finding out would have been nice.  I did have time for THAT.

As I climbed down from the tree, rough bark brushed my fingers.
I noticed the smell of the plants around me and hoped that it would linger.
Walking away, I listened to the crunch of the stones beneath my feet,
And I smiled at the warm glow of the house as I went inside to eat.
To my surprise, as I took off my coat and removed my wooly hat,
I realised that being peaceful was nice and I wanted MORE of THAT.

Sitting still and noticing things had felt quite nice; in fact,
I think I'll take a little time each day to do just THAT.


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