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Bedtime Story (29/11/2017)

I'm a big believer in being honest with children and talking about our feelings.  We all experience different emotions at various points in our lives and we rely on those around us to help us negotiate our mood swings.  So, this story is about the importance of sharing our feelings - and about the importance of having good friends and family to help you talk those feelings out.

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A Mood A Minute

Feelings happen all the time,
You might not even notice.
But some day you'll be feeling fine,
The next you're at your lowest.

So, when Milly, Anthony and Bo
Met with their friends, Susanne and Bennett,
It will be no surprise to know
They experienced a mood a minute!

First off, Milly wanted to play
A game she'd invented herself.
You had to pretend it was Christmas Day,
And you were Santa's chief elf.

But Anthony said it sounded dumb,
And Bo and Susanne weren't keen.
Bennett shook his head and said "no!"
Which Milly thought was mean.

Milly felt sad and a little ignored,
To think that her game had been mocked.
She sat down alone, looking bored,
But around her, her friends soon flocked.

They explained they just wanted to play something else,
They hadn't meant to hurt Milly's feelings.
With that, Milly's heart began to melt,
And her bad mood soon started healing.

As the friends began a different game,
Bo wanted to be the leader.
But it turned out that Bennett wanted the same;
He couldn't wait to succeed her!

That made Bo feel terribly cross.
"I said it first!" She cried.
When Bennett sneered that she couldn't be boss,
It made Bo feel angry inside.

She stamped her foot and felt rather hot,
As her cheeks flushed a fiery red.
But as she stood there, glued to the spot,
Susanne said: "We'll take turns, instead!"

Bennett said sorry for making his friend
Feel so mad when he hadn't intended.
And sure enough, that helped Bo's feelings to mend
And soon the commotion had ended.

Then Susanne suggested they play
With the new toy she had just got.
It was shiny and new, the best toy of the day!
Susanne had one - the others did not.

Anthony sighed; that toy was his dream!
All he wanted was one of his own.
His eyes were practically turning green,
He was envious right down to his bones.

Why did Susanne have such a cool toy,
When he didn't have one as well?!
Anthony was so jealous, he felt annoyed.
And the others?  Well, they could all tell.

"I'll always share it when we play together,"
Susanne told her envious friend.
And though it's mine and you can't keep it forever,
You can play with it 'til our playdate ends."

Outside, the rain had started to fall,
And so inside the house the friends stayed.
As the weather erupted into a storm,
It made poor Susanne feel afraid.

She pressed her hands over her ears
and her whole body trembled with fear.
She could hardly wait for the storm to clear;
She didn't want those grey clouds to come near!

But "the weather can't hurt you,"
Anthony said, giving his friend a hug.
"And it's bound to pass, soon,"
Bennett added, as they sat on the fireside rug.

Having her friends to make her feel better
Soon put the smile back on her face.
Susanne wrapped her arms around her pink sweater 
And stayed huddled by the fireplace.

Once the rain had stopped and the sun came out,
The friends went rushing outside.
They wanted to build a den, somewhere,
In which they could camp out and hide.

But Bennett had spotted a spider,
Whose web had been spun on a bush.
As Bo stood with it beside her,
Bennett dashed off in a rush!

He was suddenly terribly nervous
And hung back, not daring to look.
He stared at his feet on purpose,
And his whole body shook.

Then, his friends helped him edge a bit nearer,
Showing him that it wasn't so bad.
And when Bennett saw the spider clearer,
He found himself feeling glad.

His friends had gently encouraged him
To see that he needn't be scared.
And so Bennett, with another grin,
Entered the den they'd prepared.

As they sat in their den, outside,
The friends thought about how they were feeling.
From sadness to anger, jealousy to fright,
And nerves; emotions had left them all reeling!

But they knew it was okay to feel things,
And to share how you're feeling inside.
And the best thing that friends bring,
Is the knowledge you don't have to hide.

It's normal to be sad or feel cross.
And we all feel jealous, now and then.
It's okay to be scared or nervous of
The things that you fear in your head.

But good friends and family will help you,
To share those feelings out loud.
It helps when you talk your emotions through:
"We'll always do that," the friends vowed.

So, next time you feel an emotion,
Don't feel you must keep it inside.
There's no need to cause a commotion,
Just share your feelings with pride.


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