Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Bedtime Story (22/11/2017)

If there's one thing synonymous with British weather at this time of year, it's rainSo, here's a story about rain not necessarily having to stop play!

If you'd like to, you can also listen to me reading this story, by clicking the link.

What Can We Do In The Rain?!

It was raining, it was pouring,
And Becky found it boring!
Surely rain meant she couldn't play?
The wet weather had ruined her day.

Her sister, Elkie, shook her head.
"Rain creates more games," she said.
"There are loads of things that we can do.
I love the rain and soon you will, too!"

But Becky gave a confused frown.
It was so rainy out, they'd surely drown!
She raised her voice to loudly complain:
"Oh, really? What can we do in the rain?!"

"We'll put on our coats and wellies and go out,
Then we'll jump in puddles and splash about!"
But though Becky quite liked Elkie's suggestion,
She still folded her arms and repeated her question:

"What can we do in the rain?!" She cried,
As the droplets continued to fall, outside.
"Splashing in puddles might be fun for a while,
But if I get wet and cold, that won't make me smile!"

"We can catch the raindrops in a jar or a pot,
Then measure how much rainwater we've got.
We'll add mud and leaves and mix them together,
Making cool potions, all thanks to the weather!"

By now, Becky's interest was slowly growing.
And since the rain showed no sign of going,
She figured she'd ask Elkie for more of the same:
"So, what else can we do in the rain?!"

"We can make paper boats and sail them downstream,
We can have boat races or work as a team.
We'll watch them float, or maybe they'll sink?
Perhaps in the water, they'll curl up and shrink?"

The idea sounded fun, Becky had to agree.
She glanced at her sister, smiling with glee.
"Tell me more," she asked once again.
"Tell me what else we can do in the rain!"

"We can take our washable paints outside,
And let the rain make pictures," Elkie said, wide-eyed.
"We can watch the colours run into each other,
Then when we've made one rain painting, we'll just make another!"

"We could make mud pies, or dance and sing in the rain,
Or talk about what looks different and what's just the same.
We could follow the rain on the ground, running by,
And when it stops, look for a rainbow in the sky!"

By now, Becky's mind had been opened wide;
She could hardly wait to get outside.
She no longer thought the wet weather a pain.
All she wanted to do was play in the rain!

"And the best thing about it?" Elkie then said,
"Is knowing, when you're soaked from your toes to your head,
That inside the house, it's safe and it's warm,
And you can go back indoors and dry off from the storm."

"We can drink hot cocoa, snuggled up with a pillow,
And watch the rain making trails down the window.
We'll be tired out, from all the games we found to play.
And we can rest and make plans for the next rainy day!"

It all sounded lovely, Becky thought to herself,
As she rushed to grab her welly boots from the shelf.
"Come on," she called, as ideas buzzed through her brain:
"Let's go outside and have fun in the rain!"


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