Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Bedtime Story (3/5/2017)

I live in Britain.  And if there's one thing everyone knows about Britain, it's that our weather can be... Changeable at best.  So, here's a funny little story about the changing weather and one little boy's desire to go out and play!

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A Week of Weather

There was one thing Charlie liked to do each day,
And that was go outside to play.
But Charlie had lived in England forever;
his play depended on the weather!

So when it happened, that in just one week,
Charlie lived through all the weather you could hope to seek,
It didn't come as a great surprise,
As sun, then rain appeared before his eyes...

Charlie woke on Monday morning,
To a bright and sunny, warm day dawning.
The weather was lovely; hot and dry!
And Charlie spent the whole day outside.

But Tuesday morning was a different tale;
The temperature dropped and it started to hail!
His little fingers were as cold as ice.
Being outside too long was not very nice.

So, it was a relief when Wednesday came,
And instead of hail, Charlie just had rain.
He didn't mind that the weather was in such a muddle,
When he could put on his wellies and splash through puddles!

Then Thursday arrived and it brought a storm.
The weather was scary and not at all warm.
Charlie fetched a blanket to stay under.
Safe inside, from the lightning and thunder.

By Friday, the storm clouds were finally gone.
Charlie could go outside, with his coat and hat on.
But the wind had picked up, that particular day;
Charlie went out, but his hat blew away!

On Saturday, a thick fog began to descend.
Charlie went out to play, but couldn't see his friends!
The fog was too dense, you just couldn't see through,
So staying inside was all Charlie could do.

Finally on Sunday, the sun came out once more,
And Charlie could skip back out of the door.
He ran in the sun, finding paths he could follow,
For who knew what the weather would do, tomorrow?!

But rain or shine, cold or hot,
There was one thing that Charlie never forgot;
If you're planning a trip to the beach, park or wherever,
Just never rely on the Great British weather!


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