Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Bedtime Story (10/5/2017)

This week's story is all about that feeling we all get, sometimes, that our problems are the WORST EVER and that nobody has ever felt as sad as we do... 

This story is also available to listen to as a podcast.

Sadie Feels Sorry For Herself

Sadie didn't know what to do;
She had rarely ever felt so blue!
Mum said: "Others have it worse than you,"
But Sadie just felt sorry for herself.

You see, Sadie wasn't feeling well;
Her nose had a sniffle and she could barely smell!
Her eyes were red and you could easily tell
Why Sadie felt sorry for herself.

Her breath came out with a funny wheeze,
And all she seemed to do was sneeze.
She cried: "I'd like to be better now, please!"
And she felt very sorry for herself.

"Oh goodness me, this isn't fair!"
She stuck her nose up in the air.
She folded her arms and tossed her hair,
And went on feeling sorry for herself.

And whilst she felt so very blue,
All her other little troubles got bigger, too.
Soon, there was nothing Sadie could do,
Except feel sorry for herself.

"My favourite colour pen ran out,"
Came Sadie's miserable, frustrated shout.
"And I don't feel well enough to run about!
Oh, I feel sorry for myself..."

Soon, she didn't want to play with toys,
And her favourite songs just became noise.
She didn't want to talk to other girls or boys.
Sadie just felt sorry for herself.

"I can't find the dress I want to wear!
And it hurt brushing the tangles from my hair.
And worst of all, nobody seems to care!
Only I feel sorry for myself."

Sadie moaned and groaned all through each day,
Waiting for her cold to go away.
And there was nothing anyone could do or say
To stop her feeling sorry for herself.

But soon enough, a week had passed,
And Sadie was feeling better at last!
Thankful that she'd recovered so fast,
Sadie felt pleased with herself.

But now, Sadie's brother was feeling unwell.
It seemed he'd caught a cold, as well!
He had a wheeze and no sense of smell,
So Sadie went to see him.

He was in his room, sipping a mug of tea.
"I have some advice," Sadie said, casually.
"You should put on a brave face.  You know, like me!"
Sadie told him, feeling proud of herself.

"Your cold won't last forever," she said.
"So don't just lie around in bed.
And try wiping that frown from your head.
You know...

You really must stop feeling sorry for yourself!"


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