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Bedtime Story (24/5/2017)

This story has kind of been written in my head for several weeks, but in a variety of different forms.  It's only today (and I'm writing this ahead of time, in April!) that it seems to have organised itself into something that feels right.  I hope you enjoy it!

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The Big Day Out

William, Luca, Alex and Dev,
Were the best friends you could meet.
They'd known one another since they were babies,
And they all lived on the same street.

Now that the boys were getting older,
They were allowed to play further away,
Rather than staying in their street,
They could go to the park or the fields to play.

And so, one bright and sunny morning,
The boys planned a big day out.
Luca, William and Dev went rushing to Alex's house:
"Are you ready?" Came their excited shout.

Now, Alex was the organised one;
The best prepared boy in their crew.
And so the other three depended on him,
As friends sometimes tend to do.

Alex had planned ahead for their trip,
And he'd packed a bag, full of things they might need.
When the three others arrived at his house,
He had his backpack sat on his knees.

"I've packed our supplies," Alex told them,
As the boys gathered round, with wide eyes.
"Before we go, I'll let you see!"
He opened the bag to show them inside.

"There are crisps and drinks and chocolate bars,
Plus bananas, because they're good for you.
And I've put a couple of pounds in a wallet,
So we can buy more food if we need it, too.

There's sun cream for us to put on if it's hot,
And a blanket to spread on the field.
And I've packed us loads of toys to take with us;
I'm so excited!" He squealed.

The boys were rightly impressed with their friend,
And they stood around, nodding their heads.
But then: "I don't like bananas," Dev said.
"Could you pack some apples, instead?"

So, Alex added apples to his backpack as well,
But before the boys could go:
"What toys are we taking?" Luca asked.
"Did you pack a ball we could throw?"

So, Alex added a ball to his backpack,
And cried: "Let's get going, quick!"
But William wanted to know what crisps he'd packed,
Because cheese and onion made him feel sick.

And so, Alex added a few extra packets,
So they could all choose a flavour they liked.
The bag was getting heavier now,
He didn't fancy carrying it as they hiked.

"Did you pack any water pistols?" Dev asked.
"It's sunny enough for a water fight!"
So, off Alex went, to add them to the bag,
Which definitely no longer felt light.

"What if it rains, whilst we're playing outside?
We need an umbrella," Luca said.
"That way, we'll have something to shelter beneath,
If the rain comes down on our heads."

So, Alex fetched his mum's pocket umbrella,
And he stuffed it into the bag.
But when he tried to lift the bag up,
His whole body started to sag.

"Before you do the bag up," William said,
"Did you remember to pack paper and pens?
We could use them to make paper aeroplanes,
Or to write signs, if we want to build dens."

Alex added paper and pens to the bag,
Then said: "There's no room for more!"
But when he tried to pick the bag up,
It just stayed right there on the floor!

He tugged and he heaved with all of his might,
Until his cheeks were a rosy red hue.
The three other boys exchanged glances,
And suddenly, they knew what to do.

"Wait for us," they told their friend.
"We promise we won't be long!"
And just like that, they disappeared,
Alex wondered what could be wrong.

Just a few minutes later, the boys returned,
All carrying bags on their backs.
"We can each carry something,"
Dev explained.  "For example, I'll take the snacks!"

And so, the fruit, crisps, chocolate and drinks,
Disappeared into the bag Dev had brought.
And already, Alex's bag felt much lighter.
He could probably carry it now, he thought.

But Luca pointed to his empty bag.
"Give me the ball, umbrella and more,"
He told his friend, opening his bag wide.
"I can carry a lot, I'm sure!"

"The water pistols and blanket can go in my bag,"
William suddenly cried.
"Then yours will just have the wallet, sun cream
And the paper and pens left inside!"

Suddenly, Alex's backpack felt light,
And he picked it up with great ease.
Not carrying such a great load
Made Alex feel rather relieved.

"We shouldn't have made you pack everything,"
William said.  "That was mean.
Besides, everyone knows that life's easier
When you work with your friends as a team!"

Alex nodded his head and gave a smile.
It was true, he had no doubt!
And sharing the load, each friend helping the other,
They set off on their big day out.


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