Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Bedtime Story (9/11/2016)

I was coming up with some rather bizarre questions for myself earlier and I thought: I think there's a story in this!  So, here it is...

And here is the link to listen to the story as a podcast!

"Can You Teach A Dog Piano?"

Sam was always asking questions,
Each one crazier than the last.
And just when his parents thought he was done,
He'd think of something else to ask.

"Can you teach a dog piano?
Can a baby unicorn swim?
"Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?"
He'd ask his parents, with a grin.

And he rarely stopped long enough
For Mum or Dad to reply.
He'd just ask another question,
Whilst his parents heaved a sigh.

"Why do they call it 'rush hour'
When the cars are hardly moving?
Is a boy ladybird called a 'manbird?'
I find it very confusing..."

So, Sam's Dad bought him a book to read:
"A Hundred Amazing Facts:
All Your Questions Answered!"
And he sat down to relax.

He was certain that Sam's curiosity
Would be satisfied by the gift.
But all it did was inspire more questions!
Dad sighed and gave a sniff.

"Why does nothing rhyme with 'orange?'
Would don't brown cows give you chocolate milk?"
Sam continued on and on
With questions of that ilk.

So, Mum took him to a museum,
To learn lots of new information.
But all the trip did was inspire more questions.
There was no limit to Sam's creation.

"If my jumpers sometimes shrink in the wash,
Why don't sheep shrink in the rain?"
He asked his parents, whilst they watched TV.
They were too tired to complain.

Then Dad suddenly had an idea.
"Sam, I have a question for you,"
he told his son the very next morning.
"Can you solve it?  I haven't a clue!"

Sam frowned.  "I'll try my best.
What's the question?"  He asked.
He was used to being the quizmaster,
Not the one who completed the tasks!

Dad furrowed his brow for a second,
And coughed to clear his throat.
"If you put it in the river,
Would a kitchen sink float?"

Before Sam could answer, Mum chimed in:
"If a bee stings another bee, does it come out in hives?"
Sam stared from one parent to another,
His face filled with a look of surprise.

"I don't know," Sam said, truthfully.
"But wouldn't you love to find out?
Aren't there so many things in the world
That fill your mind with doubt?

Isn't the Earth that we live on
A strange and brilliant place?
Don't you just want to know everything
About the world and the universe and space?!"

"But nobody can know everything,"
Dad told his son.  "Some things are a mystery."
Sam shrugged.  "Everything was a mystery once,"
he said.  "If you think about our history."

And suddenly, Sam's parents finally understood
Their son's questioning all of the time.
He simply wanted to know more
About this world of yours and mine.

So, Sam's parents bought him lots more books
And gave him extra lessons after school.
Because Sam was a boy who loved to learn.
He thought learning was pretty cool.

And although some of his questions 
Were still rather whacky and wild,
Sam's Mum and Dad were rather proud
Of their extremely quizzical child.

And as they tucked him into bed
And gave him one last kiss goodnight,
Sam yawned and smiled and sleepily asked:
"Are stars heavy or are they light?"


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