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Bedtime Story (2/11/2016)

I have a soft spot for Winter and I thought I'd write a story to explain why! For the podcast version of this story, please click here.

Reasons To Love Winter

The calender page read "November,"
The clocks had been turned back.
And as Callum sat and watched cartoons,
The sky was almost black.

"I hate Winter," Callum moaned.
"It's the worst time of the year!
It's cold, it's dark, it's rainy.
I wish Summer was still here."

Callum's sister, Macey, shook her head.
"Winter's the best season," came her reply.
"It's better than Spring, Summer and Autumn.
And I can tell you why."

She gently took her brother's hand
And through the window they gazed,
Up at the stars already shining,
Casting a golden haze.

"Yes, Winter's dark," Macey said.
"But it's light when you're inside.
And it feels all snug and cosy."
"Does not," Callum replied.

"Of course it does," Macey laughed.
"It's gloomy out there, not here.
Inside, we can sit and watch the sky,
As the sun sinks and disappears.

It makes me feel all sleepy,
And bedtime feels so snug.
When there's no light left to play in,
You don't mind that goodnight hug!"

"But what about the morning?"
Callum's nose stuck in the air.
"It's dark when we get up again.
Now that just isn't fair!"

Macey chuckled to herself.
"You don't have to feel blue.
When it's dark outside, but light inside,
It's like a warm glow around you.

You get to watch the sunrise!
Now that really is a treat.
Seeing the whole world come to life,
Hearing the first birds tweet."

Callum frowned and shook his head.
"But Winter is so cold!"
He didn't see how that was good,
But he expected to be told...

Sure enough, Macey smiled
And tugged the jumper she wore.
"That's why we wrap up in jumpers,
Scarves and hats, to keep us warm!

There's something nice about the cold,
When your breath comes out in mist
And your cheeks glow pink in the chilly air."
Macey sighed and looked quite blissed.

"Besides, the cold weather outside
Just makes it even nicer to come back in
And sit beside the fireplace
With hot cocoa!"  Macey grinned.

"And sometimes cold weather can bring snow,"
Macey told her brother.
"That means building snowmen 
And throwing snowballs at each other!"

Callum pulled a grumpy face.
"But what about the rain?!
That just makes you wet and chilly!
It's not fun," he complained.

"But splashing about in puddles
Is lots of fun to do.
And being inside when it's rainy out
Is quite comforting, too.

You get that cosy feeling, 
When you're inside from the storm.
And the lights are on and the radiator's hot.
You feel all safe and warm."

Callum didn't look convinced,
But Macey wasn't done, yet.
"And the best thing about Winter
Is Christmastime!"  She said.

"Getting all excited 
When Christmas stuff appears in shops.
Then finally decorating the house and the tree.
Pulling out all the stops!

You get that happy feeling,
Wondering what presents you'll get.
Singing Christmas songs
And eating turkey dinner," she said.

"Christmas is weeks away yet,"
Callum insisted, with a frown.
"And Winter goes on for ages afterwards."
He sighed and stared at the ground.

"There's so much to love about Winter,"
Macey insisted.  "It gets better!
You get to wear your Winter wardrobe;
Christmas jumpers and thick sweaters!

You get to eat Winter food;
Jam roly poly and custard, thick stews.
Then you curl up on the sofa
Under a blanket for a snooze.

And you can see Winter on our windows,
In the ice crystals on the glass.
They make such pretty patterns,
It's almost a shame that they don't last.

You see the world around you changing;
Berries and bushes thick with ice.
And you know the animals are sleeping,
Dreaming of something nice.

Because Winter doesn't last forever,
Even if it feels as though it does.
Eventually, the days get longer.
More sunshine; more play time for us!

And the flowers all wake up again
And the ice all melts away.
Before you know it, Winter's ending
And Spring is on the way."

Callum sat and inhaled deeply,
Staring at his sister's face.
"I suppose by the time you're used to Winter,
Spring has come to take its place."

"Exactly," Macey told him.
"So enjoy Winter whilst you can.
Enjoy those walks in freezing air,
With chilly cheeks and hands.

Enjoy the crunching of the leaves
That have frozen on the ground.
Enjoy that strange, Wintry smell
And the twinkling lights all around.

Because Winter is only just starting right now,
But in a few months, it'll be time to go.
So, let's enjoy it whilst it's here,
Let's even hope for snow!"

Callum gave his sister a hug.
"I guess Winter's no bad thing.
I think I'll enjoy this one more than usual.
And if I don't, there's always Spring!"

And with that, the brother and sister,
Disappeared off to play.
To shriek and laugh and have some fun,
On a cold and Wintry day.


If you're intrigued by my love of the colder seasons, I explain more in this funny video, over on my YouTube channel.  Click play for all your Autumnal/Wintery needs!

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