Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bedtime Story (30/11/2016)

I don't know what made me decide to write about a month-long trip to Australia... Maybe I need a holiday?!

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"Not Until December!"

Koby couldn't wait for December to arrive.
It felt like he'd been waiting all his little life!
You see, on December 1st, Koby was going away.
He was off to Australia, on a month-long holiday!

But Koby was so excited, he almost couldn't wait.
Ever since he found out, he'd been asking Mum the date.
And how his heart sank, lower than he thought it could get,
When each day Mum replied: "It's not December yet!"

Koby spent his time, learning all about Australia,
So that when he finally got there, he'd be a genius, not a failure.
And soon he felt he knew enough, it surely must be time?
But Dad just rolled his eyes and said: "It's only November 9th!"

Each morning, Koby packed his clothes into a little case.
And with a beaming smile, down the stairs, he would race.
And every day, with all the patience that they could engender,
His mum and dad would tut and tell him: "Not until December!"

It was taking way too long; Koby was sick of waiting.
He wanted to meet a kangaroo!  This delay was SO frustrating!
Each day he dressed in shorts and t-shirt, only to be told:
"Get changed; it's hotter in Australia, but here, it's WAY too cold!"

And they were right, the weather was cold, the rain kept falling down.
How Koby longed to explore Australia, not his boring old home town.
He had his sunglasses, sun cream and hat, all ready to be worn,
There in the land Down Under, where it was bright and warm.

Koby had learned all about the places that he'd see on holiday,
Like Ayers Rock, Sydney Opera House and maybe even Byron Bay.
And every day he'd regale his parents with all the facts he could remember,
But his face would fall when they'd have to tell him: "Not until December!"

He'd never been on a plane before, so each day Koby would watch them,
As they flew straight through the clouds, as though they were bubbles and the plane could pop them.
He couldn't wait to see what it was like to be so high,
In a chair, eating dinner, watching TV in the sky.

But the wait seemed to be taking forever; being patient was quite tough.
And one morning, Koby woke up thinking: "I have had enough.
I don't believe we're going on holiday, it's never going to come."
And Koby spent the whole day, being really rather glum.

Neither of his parents could bring Koby from his gloom.
And when it came to bedtime, he trudged sadly to his room.
But then came the moment that Koby would always remember,
As his Dad kissed him goodnight and whispered: "Tomorrow is December."

So, Koby lay in bed, much too excited to sleep!
He was off on holiday the very next day, after waiting for weeks and weeks!
He'd see kangaroos and koalas, Tasmanian Devils and more.
And as he fell asleep, Koby finally knew: Some things are worth waiting for.


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