Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Bedtime Story (27/7/2016)

I may not have kids of my own, but there's no getting away from the fact that boredom sometimes happens during the long, Summer holiday!  This story came about whilst I was trying to think of as many fun days out as poossible, that a child could have during a holiday.  Then I wondereed: What would happen if you just couldn't choose between them all?!  ;-)

This story is also available to listen to, as a podcast!

Barney's BORED!

The Summer holidays had barely begun,
But Barney was already bored.
"Can't we do something different today?"
He begged as he let out a yawn.

"Let's go to the Aquarium,
I think that's my number one wish.
We can stop off at the pet store too,
And bring home our very own fish!"

But as Barney fetched his hat and shoes,
He decided to change his mind.
"I'm bored of fish; I want to go to the fair
And spend all day on the rides!"

Barney hurried out to the car.
"I'll go on the merry-go-round!"
But then Barney spotted something on the floor;
A coin!  A shiny pound!

"I'm rich!"  He declared. "Let's go to the shops!
I'll buy myself a big bag of sweets."
Barney climbed into the car,
Drooling at the thought of his treats.

But Dad had only driven half way there,
When Barney started shaking his head.
"I've got a real craving for popcorn," he announced.
"Let's go to the cinema, instead!"

So, Dad did a U-turn and off they sped,
In the direction of the theatre nearby.
But just as they parked, Barney frowned to himself
As he looked at the sun in the sky.

"It's ever so hot, I need to cool down,"
He suddenly said, on a whim.
"Let's carry on driving to the local pool.
I think I could do with a swim!"

Dad frowned as he gripped onto the wheel.
"Just make up your mind," he said.
So, Barney had another think.
"Why don't we go ice skating instead?

That'll cool us down, I'm sure,
And there's a rink not far away."
So Dad turned the car around yet again,
Then he heard Barney say...

"Hang on, I've had another thought;
Perhaps we could go to the zoo?"
Dad made a noise through gritted teeth.
"Just stick to one plan, please, will you?!"

He turned the car around again
And drove it incredibly slow.
"You've got thirty seconds to make up your mind;
Where do you want to go?!"

Barney sighed and pulled a face.
"I'm bored of it all," he complained.
His dad stared at him through the driver's mirror,
With a face that was greying and strained.

"Okay," Barney sensed he was in trouble.
"I'd like to go to the park."
But as they headed in that direction,
The sky grew suddenly dark.

"I think it's going to rain," said Barney,
Sighing and shaking his head.
"You'd better turn the car around
And we'll go bowling instead."

Dad's knuckles were white as he gripped the wheel,
But he turned around just the same.
And this time, Barney stayed ever so quiet,
Even when Dad called his name.

"We're here," Dad announced, stopping at last.
He jumped out of the car with a leap.
But all of that driving had worn Barney out;
He was curled up in the back, fast asleep!

"Don't you want to go bowling?"
Dad asked his son, with a face that seemed full of sorrow.
"Oh, yes," Barney said. "Don't worry, Dad...

...I was just dreaming up plans for tomorrow!"


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