Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Bedtime Story (13/7/2016)

I saw this gif and thought: "Why can't I have a penguin?!"  And that's how this silly story was born...

You can listen to this week's story as a podcast, by clicking here.

"Why Can't I Have A Penguin?!"

"Why can't I have a penguin?"
Little Robert cried one day.
"It's all I've ever wanted 
And it's nearly my birthday!"

"It's too sunny for a penguin,"
His dad said. "It's not nice
To keep a penguin in hot weather;
it needs to live in snow and ice."

"But I really want a penguin,"
Robert begged.  "Listen to me!
I'd even give it swimming lessons
And feed it fish for tea."

"We've got no room for penguins,"
His mum said. "None at all.
So stop asking for one, Robert.
You're driving me up the wall!"

"There's room for a little penguin,"
Robert grumpily told her.
"And I'd give him daily ice baths
Until the weather's a bit colder."

"You can't get a pet penguin,"
Robert's sister snapped.  "You fool!
You wouldn't be home to look after it;
You have to go to school!"

Robert grinned.  "I'd take the penguin with me,
It could sit right on my desk.
And when it came to Show And Tell,
I would always be the best!

Because nobody else has a penguin,
I'd be the only one!
And maybe I could teach it tricks
- that would be such fun!"

"You're not having a penguin,"
Sighed Robert's uncle and his aunt.
"We'd really love to buy you one
For your birthday, but we can't!"

"But penguins are so cute,"
Robert begged and urged and pleaded.
He was absolutely certain
That a penguin was what he needed.

But everyone he asked just told him no,
His plan was doomed.
So Robert stomped off up the stairs
And sulked inside his room.

An hour passed, then two, then three,
Before Robert reappeared.
"I've thought of something else,"
He announced, as his family all cheered.

"You're right, I can't have a penguin,"
He very seriously said.
"So that's why I've decided
I want an elephant instead."


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  1. Thanks for link with podcast. This story shows that children are sincere and honest, but sometimes adults don't understand them. Also we need to love animals, including penguins and elephants:)


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