Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Bedtime Story (9/12/2015)

Christmas is, without a doubt, my favourite time of year.  I'm really loving writing special, Christmas-themed stories at the moment and I hope you and your little ones are enjoying reading them!  If you're still shopping for Christmas gifts for the children in your life, my new book, Seven Days With The Cherry Tree Gang is available for Kindle, or as a paperback and is ideal for children aged 5-10.  UK readers can order it here and readers in the US (or worldwide!) can order it here!

Okay, boring marketing bit over!  Here's this week's story...

"What Is Christmas?"

Twas the night before Christmas
And there in the house,
One creature was stirring
- One little, white mouse.

"I heard them say 'Christmas' again,"
The little mouse said.
As her mother tucked her in
And kissed her sweet head.

"What does it mean?" She asked,
tucked up, but still restless.
"Can you tell me please, mummy?
Just what is Christmas?"

Mother mouse gave her baby a smile,
As she perched on the end of her bed.
"Christmas is wonderful, that much I know,"
The Mother mouse dreamily said.

"Christmas is waking up early,
With a smile on your face,
To see if there are presents
All over the place!

It's laughing and sharing
With the ones you love best.
It's getting that warm feeling,
Right there in your chest.

Christmas is good food, 
Warm from the oven.
It's turkey and sprouts
And mince pies by the dozen!

Christmas is playing games
And having such fun,
That you almost never want
The day to be done.

It's being so thankful
For the ways that we're blessed,
With family and food
And our warm, comfy nest.

Christmas is carols, 
Sung by the fire.
It's staying up late,
Even though you feel tired.

It's twinkling fairy lights,
tinsel, baubles and glitter.
It's a new festive jumper
from your family's chief knitter.

It's building a snowman,
With a carrot for a nose.
It's walks in the crisp air,
Where the cold nips your toes.

Christmas is warmth 
When it's cold outside.
It's greeting your loved ones
With arms open wide.

Christmas is feeling
Overcome with sweet bliss.
It's hanging up mistletoe
For one, gentle kiss.

It's a time to wish,
For yourself and for others,
That peace, health and happiness,
Is what we'll discover

When this year ends
And a new one starts.
So we look to the future,
With hope in our hearts.

Christmas is special, 
With love and good cheer.
And if you keep that love in your heart,
Little Mouse, Christmas lasts the whole year."


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