Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Bedtime Story (23/12/2015)

For my last Christmas-themed bedtime story of 2015, I thought it would be funny to think about what might happen if everyone's Christmas gifts got muddled up...

Father Christmas And The Big Mix-Up

Father Christmas gripped the reigns of his sleigh tight,
As he trundled towards the last stop of the night.
One more family whose gifts needed delivering;
Just one more chimney down which he'd be slithering.

But as he reached in his sack to bring out the gifts,
Father Christmas could see there was something amiss!
The gifts were all there, but when he looked back,
All of the labels were still in his sack!

"Oh, dear," sighed Father Christmas. "Good gracious, oh, no!
I've no clue on which gift each tag's meant to go!"
He sat on the rooftop, for a brief little rest,
Wondering what on Earth to do for the best.

Finally, Father Christmas realised he'd just have to guess
- That was the only way out of this mess!
So, he stuck the tags onto the presents and hoped
That the family would get what they wanted, but... Nope!

On Christmas morning, what a strange sight
As none of the presents seemed to be quite right.
"A tool box for the baby?  How odd," dad cried,
As Mum opened a box with some underpants inside.

Gran had a teething ring, Grandad had roller skates
And little brother Billy had a nice set of dinner plates.
There was a hairdryer for poor, bald uncle John
And Dad's gift was a dress with pink flowers on.

Big sister Betty got a huge, juicy bone,
Whilst the family dog had a cool camera-phone!
Aunt Jenny unwrapped some delicious smoked herring,
Whilst the family cat got some sparkling, gold earrings!

"This is wrong, I'm sure," cousin Vicky said.
"I asked for a doll, but I've got a blowtorch instead!"
Cousin Simon thought that it should be his:
"I asked for that," he said.  "It was on my list!"

"I wanted a blowtorch for making creme brulee,
But I got a dolly," he went on in dismay.
"There must have been a Christmas muddle,"
He mused, as round the tree they all huddled.

"Shall we swap, then?" Vicky suggested.
"If I take a blowtorch to school, I'll be arrested!"
So everyone switched presents with somebody else,
Until the muddle was fixed and they giggled like elves.

In fact, the family laughed and laughed.
"Poor Father Christmas, this mess is so daft!"
Dad chuckled, "I'm glad he made this mistake,
Because it's made us laugh 'til our tummy's ache!"

So, in spite of the muddle, their Christmas was merry.
And so he'd remember it, the dog took a selfie...


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