Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Bedtime Story (26/12/2018)

So, here we are - the last of the bedtime stories!  I won't say the last ever, in case the feature returns someday, but certainly the last for now.

What else could I end on, but a story about growing up?!

There is, of course, one final podcast for you to listen to, should you prefer.

What Will I Be?

As I lie, tucked up in bed,
It's unbelievable to think
This year is almost over,
It's flown by in a blink.
I wonder what next year will bring?
How much taller will I grow?
I wonder what new things I'll do?
I just can't wait to know!

And as the years keep passing,
I wonder who I'll be.
This world has so much to show
A curious child like me.
I'd love to explore new places,
To travel across land and sea.
Perhaps the life of an explorer
Will be the life for me.

Or maybe I'll stay close to home,
With my friends and family near.
I know I could go anywhere,
But I do quite like it here.
Perhaps one day I'll have a house
And a family of my own.
Maybe that's waiting for me,
One day when I am grown.

I wonder what job I might do?
There's no dream that's out of reach.
I could be a chef or doctor,
I could fight fires or teach.
And I wonder what I'll look like,
When I'm finally finished growing.
Maybe I'll be very tall,
Or have hair that's long and flowing.

I could be anything I choose,
Go anywhere I like.
I only have to wait
For inspiration to strike!
But first, there's growing up to do,
That's very clear to me.
So, I'll wait a while longer
To find out what I'll be.


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