Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Bedtime Story (19/12/2018)

I freely admit that I LOVE sprouts.  I've never really understood their position as the seemingly least liked part of a Christmas dinner.  So, this story is about learning to love the humble sprout.

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I love the turkey on Christmas Day
And please send plenty of carrots my way!
Crispy roast potatoes, I love those, too.
And why have one stuffing ball, when you can have two?
But there's one thing on my plate that makes me shout:
I simply cannot eat my sprouts!

I really like the gravy and sauce.
The pigs-in-blankets are delicious, of course!
My sister has nut-loaf and I like that, too.
And sweet potatoes?  I'll eat a few!
But there's one thing I always make a fuss about:
Please, don't make me eat my sprouts!

They're round and small and sickly green.
The taste, I'm sure, is quite obscene!
They smell as though they should be binned
And they always give my grandpa wind!
So, unless you want a scene in this house,
I suggest you don't cook any sprouts!

Nan boils them for ages until they turn to mush.
Dad likes them crunchy, as though cooked in a rush.
Whenever I see them, piled high in a bowl,
I feel a sinking sensation, deep in my soul.
You see, in my mind, there is really no doubt:
I could never, ever eat a sprout.

But this year, a sight sent my heart a-flutter:
Mum in the kitchen, frying sprouts in butter!
She added some bacon into the pan
It all smelt delicious - well, as much as sprouts can.
And when to the table she carried them out,
I wondered: is this the year that I try a sprout?!

Whilst the grown-ups pulled crackers and started to talk,
I gently prodded one sprout with my fork.
Ensuring I also added some bacon bits,
I slowly lifted it up to my lips...
Well, all I can say is it's heaven in my mouth!
The best part of Christmas dinner is sprouts!

Never again will I shake my head
And say I don't like something without trying it, instead.
I've learned a lesson the delicious way.
Now my love of sprouts is here to stay!
So listen up, as I give a delighted shout:
"Merry Christmas to all, now eat up your sprouts!"


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