Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Bedtime Story (7/11/2018)

Being a proud military brat, I can never let Remembrance Day go by without marking it somehow.  As this is the closest bedtime story before the 11th, I wanted to write a poem in tribute.  Today is also the day that my closest friend's poppy exhibition opens to the public at Cornwall's Regimental Museum (I am so, so proud of her!), so this subject just feels very appropriate.

You can also listen to this story as a podcast.

"Why Are They Wearing Flowers?"

Everyone was walking ever so slowly,
In their coats, their hats and their scarves.
Hardly a sound was made as they walked,
Just the birds and the passing cars.

"Why are they wearing flowers?" Asked Sam,
As she clutched on to her mother's hand.
"Those red flowers are ever so pretty, Mum,
But what do they mean?  I don't understand."

"To remember all of the soldiers," Mum said,
"Who never came home from war.
To give thanks to those who fought for freedom.
That's what the flowers are for."

"Where do the flowers come from?" Sam asked.
"And why did they choose one that's red?
Everyone looks serious and sad,"
Sam added, with a shake of her head.

"The red poppy grew in the fields," said Mum,
"After terrible battles took place.
It sprung up, new and beautiful;
Hope in a cold, tragic place."

"Now, these little paper flowers
Can be bought for just a few pence.
And the money we use to buy them,
Goes to good causes, which makes perfect sense!"

"The Royal British Legion
Looks after service folk, young and old.
They help people in all kinds of ways
With the money from each poppy sold."

"The world would be a different place,
If past conflicts had not been won.
So, by wearing poppies we thank the soldiers
And remember them - every one."

Sam nodded her head. "I understand.
Those flowers mean more than I guessed."
And with respect and gratitude,
She pinned one to her chest.


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