Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Bedtime Story (21/11/2018)

I'm a firm believer in the BEST things in life being the things that money CAN'T buy.  So, this story is my way of sharing that message.

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"I Wish I was RICH!"

"You should make a wish," Jasmine declared,
As the candles were blown and the birthday cake shared.
Her brother, Harry, yelled at an ear-splitting pitch:
"I wish that I was incredibly rich!"

Jasmine's face looked rather confused.
"Is that really your wish?!" She asked, unamused.
"You could wish for something magic or funny.
I think it's boring to only wish for more money!"

Harry shrugged.  "But money buys things!
Just think of the fun stuff my millions could bring.
I'd buy toys and games and endless sweets.
We'd have day after day of incredible treats!"

"That doesn't sound special," Jasmine insisted.
She gazed at the presents Harry had been gifted.
"Having new stuff is a treat now and then.
You don't need new toys, again and again!"

"If you buy yourself presents every day,
It won't be so special when it's your birthday.
And when you get a treat you've saved up for,
It somehow makes it feel worth so much more."

Harry stuck out his lip, he groaned and he frowned.
He'd heard that money made the whole world go round!
"But if I'm rich, I can have whatever I like;
The latest computer, or a really cool bike."

"I'd fly around in my own private jet.
Everyone would be so jealous, I bet!"
Harry let out a long, dreamy sigh.
"Just tell me ONE thing that money can't buy!"

"I'll tell you loads," Jasmine said, happily.
"Money can't buy you a family!
It can't buy you love or friendship or health.
Some things are much more important than wealth."

"Money can't read you a bedtime story,
Or protect you if a spooky film gets too gory.
Toys and games are good fun to play,
But they won't kiss you goodnight at the end of the day."

"The best things in life can't always be bought,
Like laughter or memories," came Jasmine's retort.
"If you want to wish for money, I can't make you stop,
But you can't buy happiness in ANY shop."

Harry sat and he thought long and hard.
He gazed at all his presents and cards.
It gave him a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
The smile on his face was one he couldn't hide.

"You're right," he said. "My life's too good to switch,
I've got all I need; I don't need to be rich.
I've got family and friends.  I should listen to you!
All my birthday wishes have already come true."


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