Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Bedtime Story (25/10/2017)

Halloween is coming!  The perfect time to get all dressed up.  And this story is all about a little one who doesn't have a stereotypical Halloween costume in mind...

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I Want To Be A Unicorn!

"Pick a costume," my mum said.
She didn't know what was in my head!
You see, practically ever since I was born,
I've wanted to be a unicorn!

But "no, no, no," my brother moaned.
"It's for Halloween," he groaned.
"You need to dress as something scary,
Not be all sparkly like a fairy!"

So I stood right there and started to ponder
Being a witch, or maybe a monster?
But both ideas made me forlorn.
I wanted to be a unicorn!

My mum suggested I be Dracula,
But I gave that costume back to her!
I didn't mind whoever might scorn,
As long as I could be a unicorn!

"Halloween is supposed to be frightening,"
Dad told me, with his grimace tightening.
"You want people to run away!
Why not be a unicorn another day?"

But I simply gave him my sweetest grin.
I was not about to give in!
"You can leave Halloween costumes right there;
All I need are hooves and rainbow hair!"

It seemed to me Halloween was dark and moody,
But I wasn't the type of kid to be broody!
I wanted sparkles on my cheeks and on my head, a horn:
I just simply had to be a unicorn!

I didn't want to scare anyone away.
I just wanted to gallop and prance all day!
If I went out to trick-or-treat,
I wanted to look glittery and sweet.

I moaned in that shop until Mum finally said:
"Fine; don't be scary, be sparkly, instead!"
We paid for our costumes and then we were gone.
I could hardly wait to try mine on!

And so we dressed up to go trick-or-treating.
Our neighbours had no clue who they'd be greeting!
When they opened their doors and there, on the lawn,
Stood a devil, a witch and... A UNICORN! 

So, next time someone tells you you need to fit in,
Just turn and give them your biggest grin.
You can be anything you want to be...

Even a unicorn, just like me!


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