Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Bedtime Story (11/10/2017)

As Halloween approaches, I've been thinking about the things that scare me.  I try to be brave, but that doesn't always work out, haha!  The idea for this story came pretty easily and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.

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I'm Not Scared!

I'm not scared of spiders,
With their long and hairy legs.
I don't mind the way they crawl,
Or their silvery, sticky webs.

I'm not scared of creepy crawlies
Of any kind at all.
I don't mind bugs with wings and things,
Or insects big or small.

I'm not scared of witches,
Who cast their wicked spells.
I'm not creeped out by cauldrons,
With their bubbles and weird smells.

Vampires?  They don't scare me.
I won't let them suck my blood!
If I met Dracula, I'd hit his head
With a big garlic bulb - THUD!

I'm not frightened by monsters,
Who might hide under my bed.
The thought of them doesn't scare me,
At night when I rest my head.

And I'm not scared of the dark,
Or the shadows that lurk in the night.
The thought of all the lights going off
Never gives me a fright.

Ghosts don't scare me one little bit,
As they float round a haunted house.
And I'm not scared of hairy rats,
Or of a scurrying mouse.

No, I'm not scared of anything.
At least, that's what I say.
I'm really very courageous,
As long as those things all stay away.

So, I won't fear bugs or monsters,
Or ghosts straight from the grave.
And as long as I never see one,
I can keep on being brave!


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  1. That was a cool little scary story. I think it could also be a poem. I can imagine this being read to children at the day care! 😂 well done 🎃

    PS: here's my Wonder Woman article I said I was gonna write if you're interested 😉


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