Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Bedtime Story (5/7/2017)

As I write this, it's the Summer Solstice.  It's currently 28C (82F) and I'm melting.  So, this story goes out to anyone finding the hot weather a little tricky to manage...

This week's podcast version is available by clicking here.

Hot And Grouchy

Harry was hot.
Gracie was hot.
Happy and relaxed were things they were not.
Harry was tired,
Gracie was stressed.
They were starting to think rainy weather was best.

The sun shone bright,
The sky was blue.
Harry and Gracie didn't know what to do!
Too hot to eat,
Too frazzled to play,
They just sat looking miserable all day.

"I want a cold bath,
With ice cubes in,"
Gracie moaned and groaned to her twin.
"I want to get in the fridge,"
Harry said back,
As he chewed on an ice cube, with a noisy crack.

How to cool them down?
Mum was at a loss.
And it seemed like the heat was making them cross.
Harry was fed up.
Gracie was, too.
Said Mum: "Hot and Grouchy is what I'll call you!"

They hated sun cream.
They didn't like hats.
When Mum put them on, the twins growled like wild cats.
At the end of each day,
They collapsed in a heap;
Too tired to move, but too hot to sleep.

"Summer seems long,
But it'll soon go,"
Mum told them.  "And you'll miss it, you know!"
Then she added:
"Get in the car!
I'm taking you somewhere; it's not very far."

And so the twins
And their Mum drove,
To a place that seemed like a treasure trove!
It sold many toys,
But best of all?
It sold an enormous paddling pool!

Mum bought a pool;
Water pistols, too!
"Anything to keep you cool all Summer through!"
And when they got home,
They set it all up.
Soon, Harry and Gracie had their own little tub!

Harry swam and splashed.
Gracie paddled and splished.
They were finally cool enough to do as they wished.
The pistols were filled
And they used those, too.
To cool down their dog, who had been looking blue.

Soon, Harry was wet
And Gracie was drenched!
Mum made cool drinks, so their thirst would be quenched.
They ate ice cream
And were no longer stressed.
In fact, they now thought Summer was best!

So if you're hot,
If you need to get cool,
Go and get wet in your paddling pool!
In this heat,
You'll dry off, fast.
So go and enjoy the sun, whilst it lasts!


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