Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bedtime Story (26/7/2017)

Saying that we're sorry is not always easy.  But it's first step on the path towards putting things right.  This week's story is my attempt at showing that an apology might not be easy, but it's the right thing to do.

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Nelly hadn't meant to hurt her friend.
She wasn't even sure how she had.
They had both been cross with one another,
But now Nelly's friend was mad.

At first, Nelly didn't want to see her friend.
She told everyone they weren't friends, anymore.
She'd moan and groan and tut about her,
To everyone she saw.

Because Nelly wasn't in the wrong,
Or at least, not on her own.
Her friend had done things wrong as well,
It wasn't Nelly's fault, alone.

And Nelly was just as upset as her friend.
She was suffering, too!
So why should she be the one to say sorry,
When her friend had made her so blue?!

But as the days began to pass,
Nelly's anger started to fade.
And soon, she just felt terribly sad,
For the mess she and her friend made.

And once that anger was completely gone,
Old memories returned as well.
Soon, when Nelly saw her old friend,
Her heart began to swell.

She thought of the fun they always had,
Back before they had fallen out.
She laughed at the way they'd run and play,
Laugh and scream and shout.

Although Nelly still didn't believe
That she was entirely to blame,
She recognised that she wasn't innocent, either.
She just wanted her friend back again.

And so Nelly made a decision.
One that meant she would have to be brave.
She decided to reach out to her old friend,
And say sorry for how she'd behaved.

So Nelly breathed deeply and swallowed her pride.
"I'm sorry," she said to her friend.
"Me too," came the relieved reply,
Bringing their row to an end.

And just from that one little word,
A whole conversation began.
The two friends talked everything through,
The way that all of us can.

Because even if you think you're not in the wrong,
There are two sides to every story.
And the best way to end a row with a friend,
Is to start by just saying sorry.


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