Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Bedtime Story (28/6/2017)

I know that I really need to clear out the space under my bed.  And the thought of that task was so dull, that I figured I'd write a silly story about it, instead!

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Under Billie's Bed

Billie wasn't the tidiest girl;
Her room was always a mess.
But she seemed to get it cleaned up rather fast,
Which one day, led her to confess:

"I just shove everything under my bed.
It's the best way to keep it from view.
If you had an easy way to hide your mess,
Isn't that what you would do?!"

Mum and Dad were not impressed
And they issued a stern reply:
"It's time to sort out the mess under your bed!"
So Billie headed upstairs, with a sigh.

As she knelt on the floor, Billie wondered:
"Just what am I going to find?"
And it wasn't long before she was pulling out
Objects of all shapes and kinds!

There seemed to be endless socks,
No two of which were the same.
There were dusty books and DVDs,
Photo albums and boardgames.

And the more things Billie found,
The stranger they seemed to get.
"I'd better clear out everything," she thought.
"Or my parents will be upset."

So, out came a one-legged doll
And a lollipop covered in fluff.
Out came a dirty dinner plate,
All covered in crumbs and brown stuff.

Out came a dusty recorder,
Billie didn't even know how to play.
And out came a handful of sweet wrappers
And a crumbling ball of dried clay.

Billie found shoes, scarves, hats and gloves,
Plus sunglasses and suncream, too.
She found a leaky old colouring pen
That had turned a patch of her carpet blue.

She found t-shirts that hadn't fitted for years,
Old school books whose pages were full.
She found badges, buttons and rubber bands
And a big, tangled ball of green wool.

There were scrunched up dirty tissues,
And coins scattered all over the floor.
There were dozens of dead batteries
And even an old apple core.

Missing wheels from toy cars,
Random jigsaw puzzle pieces...
Billie even found an old school Summer dress,
All covered in dust and creases.

Billie found pens that didn't work,
And a tube of glue that was no longer sticky.
Finding new homes for all of this junk
Was going to be rather tricky...

But Billie managed it - just about!
Most of the stuff went in the bin.
It took a while, but finally:
"My room's clean!" Billie said, with a grin.

"Isn't it nicer to keep your room tidy?"
Mum and Dad both said with a smile.

"Let's see if you can keep it this neat,
At least for a little while."

But before Billie could go downstairs,
She spotted her school bag, with dread.
"Oh, I know how to tidy that," she grinned...

...And she tossed it under her bed.


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