Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Bedtime Story (14/6/2017)

I've been getting a bit political on Twitter recently, and one thing I've been thinking about a lot, is how too many people are quick to "other" anyone who is slightly different to them.  We all have differences - that's the beauty of the world - but at heart, humans have far more that link us than separate us.  

This story is also available as a podcast.

Delilah Is Different

There was something different about Delilah;
You might think she didn't fit in.
She never wore ribbons in her hair
And her school lunchbox was an Army tin.

No two days were ever the same for Delilah;
Sometimes, she would run and play.
But other times, she'd sit quietly with a book
And she'd read by herself all day.

Delilah liked different kinds of things.
Different music, TV shows and books.
And because she didn't like what everyone else did,
Delilah got some funny looks.

Delilah's Mum came from overseas,
And Delilah sometimes used different words.
She could talk in two languages
And she'd use whichever one she preferred.

Delilah ate different foods at lunchtime;
Things the other kids at school hadn't tried.
She'd often eat something mysterious,
Whilst the others ate burgers and fries.

Delilah believed in different things, too.
Her God had a different name.
Yes, Delilah stuck out like a sore thumb at school;
She was definitely not the same.

But here's the funny thing about Delilah:
She might seem different to you,
But Delilah had plenty about her
That was the same as everyone else, too.

Delilah once fell over in the playground,
And she had a bad cut on her knee.
The blood that came out of that cut was red,
Just like blood from you, or me.

And every night, Delilah slept in her bed,
Because like everyone else, she was tired.
And Delilah had plenty of favourite things,
And lots of people she admired.

Delilah could love and Delilah could laugh,
And Delilah would cry when sad.
Delilah could be well behaved,
And sometimes, she could be bad.

Delilah got hungry, angry or worried,
Just like anyone else does at times.
In fact, deep down, Delilah was like
Anyone you'll meet in your lifetime.

Delilah had things that made her stand out,
But that's fine - we are all unique.
If everyone dressed or talked the same,
The world might seem pretty bleak.

But in spite of all the things that made her different,
Delilah still did fit in.
Because her friends knew that differences didn't matter;
They were all the same, within.

And that's the thing to always remember,
Whether it's Delilah or some other name.
We all have plenty that makes us different,
But deep down, we are ALL the same.


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