Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Bedtime Story (19/4/2017)

Sometimes, I can control my dreams.  Sadly, not as often as I used to be able to, but still... Dreams fascinate me.  So, I decided to write this bedtime story all about them.

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What Do You Want To Dream?

Are you tucked up in bed, nice and tight?  
Are you almost ready to turn out the light?
Is it nearly time to say goodnight?
Then, what do you want to dream?

You could think about going to outer space,
And staring an alien, right in the face!
In fact, you could travel to any place.
So, what do you want to dream?

Think about your favourite thing.
It could be a food you eat, or a song you sing.
Think about the happiness it brings,
As you settle down to dream.

You might think about what happened during the day.
You might remember all the games you played.
Those memories aren't so far away,
When you see them in your dreams.

Think of colours; purple, blue or red,
As you snuggle deep down in your bed.
Picture them swirling in your head,
Colouring your dreams.

Imagine all the things that you could be,
Or all the places you'd like to see.
You can see them all for free,
When you travel in your dreams.

Building a castle on a marshmallow cloud.
Your favourite song, played extra loud.
Dancing in front of an enormous crowd.
What will you do in your dream?

It's almost time to go to sleep.
So, snuggle down; don't make a peep!
The only thought you need to keep,
Is: What do you want to dream?

Make a wish on a shining star,
For the stars will watch over where you are.
No matter how near or how far
You travel in your dreams.

What you see might be a big surprise,
When you finally close those sleepy eyes.
So, I hope you think of something nice...

Now it's time to dream.


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