Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Bedtime Story (12/4/2017)

I've been thinking a lot about friendship, lately.  So, I decided to write a story about what friendship means to me.  The picture above is of my best friend Lydia and me.  What better way to illustrate a story about friendship, than with a picture of the closest friendship I have in my life?!

You can listen to this story as a podcast here.

"Because You're My Friend."

Catherine and Emily sat on the hill,
Licking ice creams in the sun.
They gazed down at the town below them,
Counting houses, one by one.

Everything was quiet and still on the hill,
Until a bumble bee came buzzing past.
It gave Emily such a fright,
That she dropped her ice cream on the grass.

"Oh no!"  She complained, watching it melt.
"I was enjoying that," she said.
Then Catherine handed her her ice cream cone,
With a gentle nod of her head.

"Share mine," she offered, with a smile.
"We'll have half each; I really don't mind."
Emily opened her big, blue eyes wide.
Catherine was being so kind!

"You'd really do that for me?" She asked.
"You could have eaten it right up to the end."
But Catherine just shook her head and grinned:

"I don't mind, because you're my friend."

Emily beamed back at Catherine,
And gratefully told her "thank you.
I know that sharing with friends is right,
But it's also a kind thing to do."

Catherine grinned: "I'd do more than that.
I would do anything for you!
Because you're my friend I promise you,
There are all sorts of things I would do."

Emily sat up and glanced at her friend,
As the birds began to sing.
She had just one question on her mind:
"Will you tell me about all of those things?"

Catherine took a very deep breath,
As though she had lots to say.
"I promise to always be there for you,
And to never go away.

If you are ever poorly,
I will try to make you better.
Even if it's just by leaving you to rest,
Though I miss you when we're not together.

And when you're back on your feet again,
I'd welcome you back to school.
And I'd help you catch up on what you'd missed,
So you'd never feel like a fool.

If you're ever feeling sad,
I'd be there to listen to you.
I would offer you hugs and a shoulder to cry on,
Until you've talked it all through.

If we ever disagree on something,
I would listen to how you feel.
And I know you'd listen to my side as well,
And we'd come to some sort of deal.

If you were being bullied,
I would stand up and defend you.
I wouldn't be scared of the nasty person,
I would be ready to protect you.

When you're feeling tired,
I'll make you a cosy bed.
And I'll tell you lovely stories,
Until good dreams fill your head.

I'll keep all of your secrets,
And I know that you'll keep mine.
If you ever need to talk to me,
Just call me, any time.

I'll be here for you forever,
Even if I'm far away.
I know we'll always keep in touch,
Until we meet again, someday.

I always want what's best for you,
And in you I'll always believe.
I'll be proud to celebrate with you,
All the great things you'll achieve.

I'll cheer you on when you do well,
And cheer you up when things go wrong.
I'll always be here to make you happy,
With a smile, a laugh or a song.

We'll go on adventures, together
And we'll play games in the sun.
It doesn't matter what we do;
When we're together, it's always fun.

These are just the ways I show you,
That I'll be here until the end.
And I'll happily do these things for you,
Because you are my friend."

Emily hugged Catherine close.
"You're my friend, too," she said.
"And I'd do all those things for you,
On that you can bet."

So, the sun shone down that day,
And the breeze slowed to a still.
And two friends shared an ice cream,
As they sat upon the hill.


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