Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bedtime Story (8/3/2017)

I always like the idea of opposite views causing funny situations to happen (rather than opposite views causing arguments, which we see too much of in the adult world!).  So, this story comes from the idea that two people can have very opposite ideas, but still get along fine!

You can listen to this story as a podcast, by clicking here.

Marley And Brandon's Walk

Marley and Brandon were best of friends,
But that's where their similarity ends.
And their differences were never clearer,
Than when the boys went for a walk...

Marley liked to run ahead,
So, whilst Brandon dawdled, away Marley sped!
Marley always reached places first,
When the boys went for a walk.

Brandon liked to find puddles to splash in,
So, he'd stay to paddle, whilst Marley went dashing;
Getting his feet wet, whilst Marley stayed dry,
Whenever the boys went for a walk.

Marley didn't like the rain,
If it was wet outside, he would loudly complain.
Unless it was sunny, there was no way
He wanted to go for a walk.

Brandon loved to climb up trees,
Scrambling up branches with expert ease.
Marley was scared of heights and stayed on the ground
When the boys went for a walk.

Marley preferred to walk on the beach,
With the sand on his toes and the sea within reach,
Whereas Brandon would much rather go to the woods
If the boys were going for a walk.

Brandon carried a bag on his shoulder,
To collect treasure, like feathers, coins, even boulders!
But Marley didn't want to be weighed down,
When the boys went for a walk.

And so, their walks were always muddled,
With one boy running, the other splashing in puddles.
One stopping and starting, the other darting ahead,
When the boys went for a walk.

But even though they travelled at different paces,
Or sometimes wanted to visit different places,
Both boys knew there was nobody else
They'd choose to go for a walk with.

So, whether in the woods or by the sea,
There was no better place to be,
Than just together, two very different best friends,
Going out for a walk.


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