Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bedtime Story (22/3/2017)

I can remember being twelve years old and wanting a dog so badly that I made a collage of dog pictures and stuck it on my parents' bedroom door!  It actually worked, too!!  So, I figured I'd write a story about pets and pester power...

The podcast edition of this story is available to listen to here.

"I REALLY Want A Pet!"

"I really want a pet,"
An excited Jimmy said.
"We're learning about animals in school
And it's put the idea in my head."

He gazed up at the sky
At the birds flying by.
And: "We should get a budgie!"
Came his enthusiastic cry.

"Or maybe a parrot!
With feathers of green and claret.
I could teach it to talk
And feed it seeds and carrots!"

Mum said: "Don't be absurd!
We can't get a bird!
It'd be flapping about all over the house;
It's the silliest thing I've heard!"

So, Jimmy had a think
And quicker than a wink:
"Why don't we get a frog?
It could swim in the kitchen sink!"

Mum turned up her nose.
"I don't want one of those!
It might hop up in my face!"
She shook her head and froze.

"A dog's the perfect pet,
Of that you can bet,"
Said Jimmy with a smile.
"With a dog, I'd be all set!"

"I could take it out for walks,
Teach it to sit and give its paws.
And throw it a bone or a bouncy ball
And it'd come back with it in its jaws!"

Mum shrugged: "Maybe when you're older.
You won't want to walk a dog when the weather gets colder."
And she hoped that'd be the end of it,
But Jimmy's suggestions just got bolder...

"I know - let's get a horse!
I could ride it at the town racecourse.
And it wouldn't mess up the house,
Because it wouldn't come indoors!"

Before his mum could even reply:
"Let's get an elephant!" Came Jimmy's cry.
"I know they're not normally kept as pets,
But they're so lovely, I don't understand why!"

"An elephant is much too big,"
Mum said, grabbing her coffee and taking a swig.
"People like to have pets that are small,
Like a rabbit, hamster or guinea pig."

"Then why don't we get one of those, instead?"
Jimmy asked, with a cock of his head.
I don't mind what animal it is,
I just really want to have a pet!"

Mum rolled her eyes and gave her hair a swish.
"If you're very good, I'll grant you that wish.
We can't have an elephant or a horse,
But if you like, you can have a fish."

Jimmy grinned. "YES!  Is that really true?!
And instead of one, could I maybe have two?
Because this is just the start of my plan...
By the time I'm finished, we'll have a whole zoo!"

For now, Jimmy was satisfied,
As he searched for a tank to keep his fish inside.
He'd start with one pet, but he was sure,
That one day he'd have an animal of every kind.

A dog and a cat, to cuddle and squish,
A horse and an elephant, just as he wished.
He'd have a lion, a bear and an eagle as well.
But he'd be happy to start with one little fish.


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