Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Bedtime Story (15/2/2017)

 I've always been fascinated by space.  So, this week's story is all about it!

You can also listen to this week's story as a podcast.

"I Want To Be A Spaceman!"

After Ollie's Mum tucked him into bed,
And switched out the light,
Ollie would open his curtains a crack,
And stare up into the night.

And as he gazed into the black,
His head would fill with plans.
You see, Ollie had one special dream:
To be a real spaceman.

He never looked out at the street,
At houses or cars driving by.
He only looked up to the stars,
And as he did, he'd sigh:

"I want to be a spaceman,
And travel through the stars.
I want to be the very first
Person to land on Mars.

I want to float in zero gravity,
and zip through the Milky Way.
I want to be in deepest space,
Where the stars are out all day.

I want to be a spaceman,
And gaze down at Earth, below.
I want to have tea with an alien,
As the eerie space clouds glow.

I want to dart past asteroids,
And land upon the moon.
I want to see if it's made of cheese,
Like they say in cartoons.

I want to be a spaceman,
And discover a new planet.
I want to study the universe,
What's it made of and what began it?!

I want to witness shooting stars,
And roaming satellites.
I want to see, far in the distance,
The sun's great fiery light.

Down here, everything is ordinary,
Stuff we see in everyday life.
But up there, it must be magical,
To be amongst the stars all night."

And with that, Ollie sighs,
Then gets back into bed.
He falls alseep with stars and rockets
Whizzing round his head.

And who knows, maybe one day,
If Ollie works very hard,
He really will become a spaceman,
And he'll walk amongst the stars.

But for now, it's time to sleep,
Underneath the moon so bright.
And Ollie dreams of all the things he'll see
When he looks up, tomorrow night.


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