Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Bedtime Story (1/2/2017)

Those of you who read my regular blog as well as my children's stories may know that life hasn't been mega easy, recently (at the time of writing, in early January).  Sometimes, life is sad and that's not something I think we should entirely shield youngsters from.  So, this week, I've written a story about feeling sad, and how it's sometimes okay not to be okay.  

This story is also dedicated to the memory of Richey Edwards, who disappeared on this day 22 years ago.

The podcast version of this week's story can be found here.

"I Feel Sad."

"I feel sad," Ricky said,
Sighing deeply and shaking his head.
"What on Earth am I supposed to do?
I can't seem to stop feeling blue!"

His sister Rachel gave a smile.
"Try watching a cartoon for a while!"
So, Ricky curled up on the couch.
But not a single grin crept across his mouth.

"I feel sad," Ricky insisted,
Hoping his Mother would not dismiss it.
She beckoned her to him; arms open wide.
And after a hug, said: "Try playing outside!"

Dad was out gardening in the back,
Tossing weeds into a big, green sack.
Ricky helped by clearing some,
But deep inside, he still felt glum.

So, Ricky went to play with the dog.
They went for a walk, then broke into a jog!
But when Ricky got back to his room, 
He still felt a strange, nagging sense of gloom.

It felt very odd - surely, nothing was wrong!
He wasn't poorly and he had his favourite T-shirt on.
Nobody had upset him and he'd encountered nothing bad,
So why was Ricky feeling so unusually sad?!

Eventually, Ricky went to see Grandpa Jim.
Whenever he had a problem, he always went to him!
And sure enough, on this particular day,
Grandpa Jim knew just what to say...

"Let me tell you something about life,"
Grandpa said.  "Sometimes there's strife.
And when something happens to get you down,
There's nothing wrong with giving a frown.

But sometimes, for no reason, you just feel bad.
And although you don't know why, you find yourself sad.
That's okay, as well.  We all have good and bad days!
Life can affect us in mysterious ways.

But one thing I know, completely for sure,
Is those bad days pass and you'll feel happy once more.
So don't be afraid to cry, mope or shout.
If you feel a feeling, you must let it out!"

As Ricky talked to Grandpa, almost with each letter,
He realised he was starting to feel much better.
It turned out that really talking things through,
Was all that he'd actually needed to do.

And by the time came to say goodbye,
Ricky felt happy!  And he gave a sigh.
No a sad one though, one that was content.
And he skipped down the path, as back home he went.

He'd learned a lesson he wouldn't forget,
About feelings and it being okay to show them, and yet
He knew the biggest thing he'd remember forever,
Was that just talking to someone could make you feel better.

And now, whenever Ricky feels blue,
He knows exactly what he needs to do.
He talks it all out to someone and then,
It never takes long 'til he's happy again!


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