Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Bedtime Story (25/1/2017)

I know how awful I am, when it comes to changing my mind about what to wear, so I thought it would be funny to write a story about a child with the same problem!

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"Can We PLEASE Just LEAVE?!"

Philip's Mum stood by the door,
Looking rather stressed.
"Can we PLEASE just LEAVE?"
She begged her son, but he was barely dressed!

"I need to wear my jumper, Mum,"
Philip cried out from his room.
"But then again, what if I'm too hot?!"
Downstairs, Mum began to fume...

It took them ages to leave the house,
No matter where they were going.
Philip changed his outfit a hundred times.
"Mum, what if it starts snowing?!"

"What if I need my rain coat on,
And should I wear welly boots?!
It took hours to shoo him out of the door, 
With Mum in hot pursuit.

This morning was no different,
Philip's outfit had changed several times.
And each time Mum thought he was finally ready,
She'd hear his young voice whine:

"Mum, I think I'll be too hot in jeans,
Shall I wear my shorts, instead?
Although, I don't know where those have disappeared.
Maybe they're under my bed?!"

No matter how many times Philip dressed himself,
He was never satisfied.
And after seeing ten different outfits - at least
- Mum wanted to run and hide.

"Can we PLEASE just LEAVE?!"
She desperately yelled up the stairs.
Philip emerged on the landing:
"But Mum, I still need to brush my hair!"

"Besides, I'm not 100% sure
That my shoes really match my sweater.
I think if I wear my brown boots instead,
the whole outfit would look much, much better."

"We're only going out to the park!"
Mum tutted, as she turned for the door.
All she wanted to do was get going,
No matter what Philip wore!

But Philip was keen to look at his best,
And he flung t-shirts out of his drawer.
He knew he wanted his dinosaur one,
It must be somewhere on his floor...

Then, of course, as he searched for the shirt,
Philip happened to glance at his vest.
"Oh, I'm not sure I like this one.
I'd better search for the one I like best."

Mum glanced at her watch. It felt she'd been waiting
For almost an hour and a half!
But Philip had yet more choices to make:
Which gloves should he wear, and which scarf?!

Finally, after six pairs of socks,
Three trousers and several t-shirts,
Philip was finally ready to leave,
but then: "WAIT!  My belt buckle hurts!"

He flung off his belt and before he could turn
And hurry back up the stairs,
His mother fixed him with a frustrated gaze;
One of those "I'm getting mad" glares...

So, Philip and Mum left home at last,
And straight to the park they headed.
But just minutes after arriving there,
Came the moment poor Mum had dreaded.

You see, Philip was not just indecisive,
He was also quite clumsy as well.
And as he ran straight for the swings, he slipped,
And into a puddle he fell.

Philip got to his feet, covered in mud,
And tried to wipe himself down.
But poor Mum knew just what was coming,
And her tired face filled with a frown.

"There's only one thing to do," Philip sighed,
And knowing looks he and Mum then exchanged.
"I can't stay out at the park like this,
I'll have to go home and get changed!"


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