Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Bedtime Story (28/12/2016)

A lot of us find it strange, once Christmas is over and life starts to go back to normal.  This story is for anyone who misses the festivities the second they're finished!

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The fairy lights were still twinkling,
The presents just days old.
People were still out sledging,
Slurping hot cocoa when they got cold.

Yes, Christmas Day was over now,
But there was still a festive atmosphere!
For all, that is, except Adrian,
Who would groan to anyone near:

"Why is Christmas over now?
I want Christmas back!
I want to wake up bright and early,
And find toys from Santa's sack!"

His Mum told him all about New Year,
And his Dad told stories of Spring.
But all Adrian wanted was Christmas Day,
For that was his favourite thing.

He didn't want to party 'til midnight,
Or celebrate the turn of the year.
He just wanted to keep on yelling,
So that everyone would hear:

"Why can't we have Christmas again, now?
I want Christmas to be today!
I want to keep singing Christmas carols,
And look for Rudolph pulling a sleigh!"

His Auntie Jane mentioned Chinese New Year,
His Grandpa said to pick a Valentine.
His Uncle Dave longed for Pancake Day,
But Adrian just wanted Christmas time.

"It won't be long until Easter," said Nan.
"And you'll get lots of chocolate, then!"
But Adrian just wanted one special day of the year,
And he was determined to let them know when!

"All I want is Christmas back!
The rest of the year can wait.
I want a big turkey dinner,
With stuffing all over my plate."

"But we can celebrate Mother's Day!
Father's Day, too," his brother said.
"And family birthdays and trips to the sea,
Think of all we can do, instead."

His sister thought all the way to September,
When Adrian would be starting school.
But sitting in a classroom didn't sound fun,
Especially when Christmas was so cool!

"But Christmas feels ever so special,
That's why I love it so much.
Everything about it is magical;
All you can see, hear, smell and touch!"

The whole family gathered round Adrian
As they patiently tried to explain:
"There's plenty for you to look forward to,
Before Christmas rolls back round again!"

"Halloween," Nan suggested to Adrian.
"And bonfire night! When colours explode in the sky.
If you enjoy every special day of the year,
You'll soon find the months will fly by!"

"Besides, what makes Christmas special,"
Adrian's Dad explained to his son.
"Is not just the day itself,
But sharing it with everyone."

He wrapped an arm around Adrian.
"So, we'll make every day count.
Spending special occasions with family and friends
Is, after all, what life is about!"

Adrian still wanted Christmas back,
But he was finally starting to see
That he could get that special Christmassy feeling,
From his friends and his family.

"Christmas is still the best," he said.
"But the year ahead will be fun, I know.
We can plan plenty of new adventures;
Loads of new places to go!"

Soon, Adrian wasn't so worried,
About losing his Christmas cheer.
He knew with his loved ones around him,
It would be a happy new year.



  1. Cute story! Reminds me of an episode of the animated George of the Jungle series where George wants to have Christmas everyday after Christmas Day was over. When we're kids I feel like Christmas is special to us that we just wish there were more times of the year like that!

    You probably don't remember, but I once told you that I was going to write an article on my own blog about the things I've learned in 2016 which was inspired by your own post about that as well. This was the only place where I could share that post with you so here it is if you're interested:

    1. Awesome - I've commented over on your blog, but this is a great list and I'm really glad you wrote it!


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