Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bedtime Story (14/12/2016)

Okay, so it's no secret to regular readers of this blog that I am a foodie.  One of the best meals of the year is surely Christmas dinner?!  So, I figured, why not write a story to celebrate it...

This story is also available to listen to as a podcast.

Gracie And Ben's Christmas Feast

"How long until dinner?"  Gracie cried,
As her brother Ben slumped on the sofa and sighed.
The presents were opened, Christmas music was blaring,
But into the kitchen, the hungry children kept staring.

"It's ages since breakfast," Ben's mood took a dive.
Mum frowned: "Then next year, don't get up at five!
Find something to snack on whilst the two of you wait
For a big Christmas dinner served up on your plate."

So the pair took some candy canes from their Christmas tree,
And as they nibbled, they thought of how fab dinner would be.
There'd be turkey and cranberry sauce, potatoes and stuffing,
What's as good as Christmas dinner?  Surely nothing!

"I can't wait for sausages wrapped in bacon,"
Gracie declared, dreaming of the feast Mum was making.
"And Dad's carrot and swede mash is ever so tasty,
Especially when you smother it with plenty of gravy."

"I even like sprouts," Ben declared.  
And at the empty dining table, he sadly stared.
"And bread sauce and red cabbage and all of the veg."
Images of food danced around his head.

"And we get to pull crackers," Gracie said with a smile.
"And leave all the toys on the table in a pile.
We read all the jokes and we all wear our hats,
Oh, there can't be any dinner better than that!"

Ben beamed at his sister.  "Then there's the pud!
Christmas pudding with cream always tastes good."
"Or trifle, remember?" Gracie said with a grin.
"With strawberries and raspberries and sponge fingers in!"

Ben nodded and smiled. "And later tonight,
If we get peckish, you'll see the sight
Of turkey sandwiches, with cranberry sauce,
Or mayonnaise if you prefer that, of course."

Then, just as their tummies were really rumbling,
Through the kitchen door, their parents came stumbling,
With bowls full of food, ready to eat.
Gracie and Ben rushed to take their seats.

Out came the turkey, the stuffing and sprouts,
And with each dish, the children gave excited shouts.
They pulled their crackers and with their Mum and Dad near,
They declared: "This is the best dinner all year!"

It's true, Christmas dinner really does take some beating.
So I'll end this by wishing you all Season's Eatings. ;-)


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