Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bedtime Story (24/8/2016)

At the time of writing, I have a nasty Summer cold.  So, obviously, I thought I'd share it with you, in the most germ-free way possible... ;-)

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What Is A Girl To Do, When She's Got Summer Flu?!

Outside, the sun was shining.
"I should be on the beach!"
But Josie Brown was ill in bed
And fun seemed out of reach.

"Who gets a cold in Summer?"
Josie sadly cried.
"I want to be in the sunshine,
Not on my own, inside."

Josie slunk beneath her bedsheets
And let out a sneeze: "ATCHOO!
Oh, what is a girl to do,
When she's got Summer flu?!"

Josie's skin turned hot, then cold.
Her nose was fiery red.
When she moved, it made her dizzy;
A pain banged in her head.

Her neck hurt, so did her back
And everywhere else, as well!
Was she ever going to feel better?
Only time would tell.

Her open bedroom window
Let the Summer air breeze through.
But what is a girl to do,
When she's got Summer flu?!

Josie's eyes were puffy and red,
Her skin was clammy to touch.
And her throat was far too sore
For poor Josie to eat that much.

The skin beneath Josie's dripping nose
Was sore; all cracked and peeling.
All she could do was lie in bed
And stare up at the ceiling.

She really wasn't happy.
Poor Josie felt quite blue.
So, what is a girl to do,
When she's got Summer flu?!

"Get some rest," Mum told her.
And since Mum was quite wise,
Josie lay back on her pillow
And she quickly closed her eyes.

She slept for hours and hours,
Dreaming of the sun
And playing in the park with friends
Until the day was done.

For the next day or two,
Josie slept away the day,
Dreaming of exciting places
She could explore and play.

She woke to take her medicine,
Then she closed her eyes once more.
And dreamed about the world,
Beyond her bedroom door.

All that sleep worked wonders;
Josie woke as good as new!
But from her Mum's room, Josie heard
A very loud "ATCHOO!"

"Oh no," Josie groaned.  "Poor Mum!
I gave my germs to you!
Oh, what is a girl to do,
Now her Mum's got Summer flu?!"

Josie nodded her young head.
"It's time you got some rest,"
She told her mother, anxiously.
"I know that's for the best."

"With sleep and medicine," said Josie,
"You'll be fine in a day or do,"
I know that's how you beat Summer flu."

And now you know it, too!

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