Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bedtime Story (29/6/2016)

Yep, that's my foot!  I am the dreamer of improbable dreams and always will be.

Here's hoping you all have lovely dreams after this little poem.  To hear it as a podcast, just click here!

I Am A Dream

When the sunshine fades into moonlight,
And the sky is black, but the stars are bright,
When the day is over and it's time to rest,
That's the time that I like best.

I am a dream and I'll keep you company,
All through the night, we'll play a symphony
Of magical sounds and sights and creations,
As I run wild with your imagination.

You can be anything you want to be;
A princess, a King, a bird in a tree.
We can fight monsters, or explore strange, new worlds,
Nothing's off-limits to sleepy boys and girls.

I am a dream and together we'll run,
Like the ribbons of light that shoot from the sun.
If you ever think you're alone in the night,
Remember your dreams keep you company and you'll be alright.

Nobody can ever tell you what to dream.
Your dreams are for your mind only to see.
If you want to fly, shrink or have magical powers,
I'll make that happen, for hours and hours!

I am a dream and all through the night,
I'll paint you pictures so vivid and bright.
There's no limit, you can dream of whatever
And they don't have to end; dreams last forever.

Your eyes may be closed, but your mind's open wide!
I am a dream and I'm there, inside.
Fairies, dragons, mystical lands,
Endless possibilities, right there in your hands.

Even when there's a new day dawning,
A dream stays in your heart long after morning.
Your wishes and dreams aren't just there as you sleep.
I am a dream.  And I'm yours to keep.

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