Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bedtime Story (1/6/2016)

I swear, I was never this bad when I had a babysitter... Honest! 

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Charlie and The Babysitter

Charlie's mum was in her prettiest dress
And his dad was in his Sunday best.
"Where are you going?" Charlie wanted to know.
"It's almost bed time; I don't want you to go!"

"Relax, Charlie," Dad said, with a smile.
"We're just going out for a little while.
But whilst we're gone, you don't need to feel blue,
We've got someone lovely to babysit you."

"Babysit?" Charlie spat.  "But I'm not a baby!"
But as he spoke, in walked a smiling young lady.
She grinned at him and seemed ever so sweet,
But Charlie just stood there, stamping his feet.

Before he knew it, his parents were gone,
Out for the evening, with their best clothes on.
And Charlie was left, feeling terribly glum...
...Until he decided to have some fun!

"Hello babysitter," he smiled at the girl.
He looked cute, but his cunning brain had started to whirl.
"It's almost time for my bath," he said.
"But Mum told me to tell you I don't have to go to bed."

The babysitter frowned.  "Um... Okay," she replied.
And Charlie rushed to the bathroom and showed her inside.
"I have loads of bubble bath," Charlie told her.
"Tip the whole bottle in!  You do it; you're older."

As the hot water began to run,
Charlie was already having wonderful fun.
Bubbles began to spill out over the bath
And as the poor babysitter watched, Charlie just laughed.

"Too many bubbles," the babysitter said.  "No more!
They're already pouring all over the floor!"
So Charlie climbed into the bath, still fully dressed
And he splashed and sploshed and made a terrible mess.

"Charlie!"  The poor babysitter cried.
"Your pyjamas are soaked; now they'll have to be dried!"
But whilst she was busy trying to mop up the floor,
Charlie leapt out of the bath and straight out the door.

The babysitter found him in the kitchen, downstairs.
He was quite a sight; sopping clothes and wet hair.
"I'm allowed a snack before bed," he announced,
And directly to the fridge he flounced.

"Mum and Dad let me eat cake," Charlie said.
"Especially at night time, right before bed.
But we've not got any and I'm so hungry I'm shaking."
He threw her an apron.  "You'd better get baking."

The poor babysitter didn't know what to say.
She was only young and Charlie's parents were away!
So she found a recipe for chocolate cake,
And set to work, though she was sure Charlie shouldn't still be awake.

An hour later, the chocolate cake was done, 
But Charlie hadn't quite finished with his fun.
He stuffed his face with one slice, then another,
Whilst he and the babysitter stared at each other.

"I need to clean the kitchen," the babysitter told him,
Exhausted by all the dramas unfolding.
But Charlie had other ideas and he told her "no!
Mum takes me to the park at night; let's go!"

So, Charlie in his pyjamas, which were still slightly damp,
Ran down the road to the park and set up camp.
"How long do you stay?" The babysitter yawned,
As she hurried to catch up.  She knew she'd been conned.

"Sometimes an hour," Charlie said.  "Sometimes all night!"
The babysitter's eyes then widened in fright.
She glanced up at the sky and the big, silver moon
And she whimpered: "Your parents might get back very soon!

What will they say, if we're not at home?
Come on Charlie, it's too late to roam."
So, they trudged back down the road to the house again,
Where Charlie ate yet more cake and then...

"Mum and Dad let me watch scary films on TV,"
Charlie told the babysitter, though she didn't agree.
"I think it's your bedtime," she desperately pleaded.
But Charlie thought sleep was not something he needed.

He climbed onto the sofa and found something to watch;
A film about a monster in a countryside lodge.
The babysitter didn't like it; she covered her eyes.
Even Charlie decided watching it might be unwise.

"Fine," he declared.  "Let's watch something else.
Or we'll read a book," he added, raiding the shelf.
"Or, if you like, I'll go and jump on my bed?
Mum and Dad let me do that, honest," he said.

But just as he spoke, there came a noise at the door.
Charlie wasn't so cocky, anymore.
He scurried upstairs, leaving the babysitter red-faced,
With cake crumbs and books all over the place.

The babysitter scampered around, cleaning up all the messs,
As in came Charlie's Mum in her prettiest dress.
"How did you get on?"  She asked, with a smile.
"Fine," the babysitter lied.  "He's been in bed for a while..."

"Brilliant," Mum said.  "I knew he'd be good."
Charlie's Dad nodded: "He behaves when he should.
We'll have to get you to babysit again!
Until now, we'd not had a night out since goodness knows when."

The poor babysitter was too stunned to speak.
Especially when Mum added: "Same time next week?"


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