Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bedtime Story (20/4/2016)

One for anyone who has or works with children... Enjoy!

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Caspar's Busy Day

Caspar was always on the go,
He didn't believe in taking it slow.
His energy levels were at ten out of ten,
From the moment he woke, 'till he was sleeping, again.

He'd get up at five and want food right away,
No matter what his exhausted mother would say.
Then he'd insist on going out to the park,
Where Caspar would run, screaming, from dusk until dark.

Nothing for Caspar was ever quite right;
His mood swings gave his poor mum a fright.
"I want toast," he'd shout every morning.
Then he'd refuse to eat it, "because toast is boring."

He demanded chocolate and toys from each shop,
And when Mum said no, he'd throw a huge strop.
Caspar was always wanting attention.
His behaviour caused his mum the most terrible tension.

He'd have a tantrum when it came to having a bath.
And when his mum told him "no," he would just laugh.
And Caspar was never ready for bed;
He'd much rather stay up and keep playing, instead.

Caspar ran rings around his poor mum,
Until one day, she shrieked: "Enough!  I'm done!
You need to calm down.  It's time for you to see.
Tomorrow you're going to look after me."

The next day dawned and just as always,
Caspar's hungry, loud voice echoed down the hallways.
But Mum didn't come running, no not this time.
Instead she shouted: "Bring me some breakfast!  Cereal's fine!"

Caspar was stunned as he went to the kitchen.
He wasn't used to having to pitch in.
He poured some cereal into a bowl,
Wondering what was his mum's secret goal?

Was she trying to trick him?  "Ha, she won't win!"
Caspar thought as he raided the biscuit tin.
He took Mum her breakfast, then jumped on her bed.
"Time for the park!"  He excitedly said.

But to Caspar's horror, Mum shook her head. "No!
You're looking after me and I don't want to go."
Instead, she ate one mouthful of cereal and groaned.
"I don't want this anymore, take it back," she moaned.

Caspar trudged back, with the bowl in his hands,
Already tired of his mother's demands.
But Mum wasn't done yet, not even close.
She was thinking of something Caspar hated the most...

"Take me shopping!"  Mum suddenly cried.
Caspar wanted to run away and hide.
But Mum wouldn't let him - no, not today.
So once Mum was dressed, they were on their way.

"I want a toy!"  Mum yelled in the shop.
Caspar's cheeks turned bright red.  Why wouldn't she stop?!
"Buy me a toy!"  Mum screeched.  "Where's your money?!"
Caspar blinked back at her.  "Mum, stop, it's not funny..."

They left the shop with nothing at all,
And Mum started walking along a high wall.
"Come down from there," Caspar said, with a hiss.
"Why should I?" Mum snapped.  "I like doing this!"

By the time they got home, Caspar was tired,
But Mum was still unbelievably wired!
"What's for dinner?" She grumpily complained.
"I don't know... I can't cook," Caspar explained.

He stumbled to the kitchen and found butter and bread.
"Shall I make you a sandwich?"  He anxiously said.
"Cut all the crusts off," his mum replied.
"Or I won't eat it and I'll just cry and cry!"

So, they sat together, eating plain bread and butter,
With hardly a word said to one another.
Caspar tried to watch his favourite show on TV,
Whilst Mum jumped up and down on the settee.

Caspar's eyelids were getting so droopy,
He couldn't stand much more, so he said "excuse me,
Can we go to bed now?" But Mum shook her head.
"I won't go to sleep, I'm not tired!" She said.

So for another hour, Mum jumped, danced and sang,
She threw things and shouted and clattered and banged.
Finally, Caspar knew what to do.
"I promise tomorrow, I'll be good for you!"

His Mum stopped her noise and she smiled back at him.
"Really?"  She asked, with a victorious grin.
"Really," said Caspar.  "Just you wait and see.
Just please say you'll look after me."

"I always will," his mum said, with a smile.
"Just please try to calm down, once in a while."
Caspar gave her a cuddle and nodded his head.
"I will, but right now, I just need my bed."

And with a kiss goodnight, Caspar was on his way,
At the end of his very busiest day.


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