Sunday, 24 January 2016

In Praise of The Bestie-Boys!

Is it just me, or is it ridiculously lovely when two guys are best, best friends?!

I've been thinking about this a lot, recently.  There are plenty of people out there who will immediately jump to the "THEY ARE SECRETLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER" conclusion, when faced with two guys who are extremely close.  And that's cool - there's nothing remotely wrong with being gay, or even about fantasising that people might be - but for me, that's not why I like "Bestie-Boys."  Although frankly, that is probably the campest title I could possibly have used to describe male friendships.  Oh, well.


For me, it doesn't have to be about sexuality - at least not in the sexy sense.  I think personally, it's more that being so close and open about your affection for one another is kind of a stereotypically female thing to do, so to see two guys (regardless of sexual orientation) acting the same way feels really refreshing.  Dare I say it, heartwarming.  Clearly I do dare, because I just said it.

I guess it's perhaps about how relatable people are, too.  I have really close friendships in my life and I feel very lucky as a result of that.  Because I feel so lucky, I often tell those close friends that I love them and try to make sure that they know they're valued in my life (I recently made them a video and everything... I'm still hoping it straddled the right line between cute and creepy...).  So, when I see guys who aren't afraid to be honest about how special their besties are to them, I instantly get them, if that makes sense?  And yes, I also "get" the sexual overtones, even if they're just jokey.  After all, you're reading a blog written by an entirely straight woman, who frequently tells her female best friend (who's married to a dude) that I "would" her.  It's just a thing we do.

As is this sort of thing.  Usually at gigs.  But sometimes just because...reasons.

Early last year, I developed a crush on a real-life person.  I know; shocking, considering my penchant for celebrity crushes.  But one of the reasons that person went from being "dude I see now and then" to "dude whose face I want to nibble" (shut up and don't judge me), was the fact that he has a best friend and he's not afraid to show his affection for him.  

The thing is, if a guy is unafraid to show his affection for his male best friend, it stands to reason that you might feel like he'd be unafraid to show his affection for you, were you to be in a relationship with him.  And I think that's a big part of the attraction of male double-acts to female viewers/listeners and to women in "real life," too.

Despite the fact that it's 2016 and we're supposed to be this very liberal society, we still cling on to these outdated ideas that men can't be affectionate towards one another, without their sexuality being called into question.  And to be fair, if two guys are besties and they happen to also be gay or bisexual, does it really matter?!

The fact is, I for one am glad that more and more men - of all orientations - are open about their strong friendships and their feelings for one another.  If women can be all cuddly and "love you, babe" with their closest friends, then why the heck can't blokes do it, too?!

It reveals a sensitive, caring nature and I think we can all agree, those are positive qualities in a partner, heck, in a person in general.

So, here's to the "Bestie-Boys."  The blokes who aren't afraid to show their affection for one another.  The ones who, secretly or not so secretly, so often top our crush lists. ;)


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