Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bedtime Story (27/1/2016)

I live in England.  Of COURSE I'm going to end up writing stories about rain...

Sadly, there's no podcast edition of this week's bedtime story, as I'm currently suffering from sinusitis, which has caused a massive blockage in my ears - I can't hear well enough to edit a podcast and I definitely don't want to put out a podcast that's full of clunky noises and heavy breathing that shouldn't be there.  So, sorry for the lack of one and I very much hope that this feature will be back next week.  

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The Rainy Day

"I'm bored," said David.  "This is a pain.
We can't play outside, because of the rain!"

His dad gave a grin: "Oh, never mind.
We can have loads of fun here, playing inside!"

He told David: "Settle down and we'll watch a movie,
Or dance to some music - now THAT would be groovy!
Or we could always play some board games instead;
There are loads of those piled under your bed."

But David's face still looked terribly glum.
"I want to play out," he said. "In the sun!"
He wanted his bike, his scooter or skates.
He wanted to go to the park with his mates.

"Oh, come on," Dad said. "Playing indoors is great!
There's no need for you to get into a state.
There's plenty to do.  Come on David, look!
Why don't we curl up with your favourite book?"

But David's mouth was set in a scowl.
And outside the wind continued to howl.
"I don't want to be stuck here indoors,
I want to run outside on the moors!"

His dad chuckled.  "Listen, dry those cross tears,
I've still got loads of fun play time ideas!
We could do painting, or gluing or something creative;
You don't have to get so mad and frustrated.

We could play dress up, or ping-pong,
Bake cookies or have a sing-song.
We could go for a rainy drive in the car,
Or stay in and I'll teach you to play the guitar.

We could go online and search for cool stuff,
Or sit in our pyjamas eating Marshmallow Fluff.
We could get out your magic set and learn a few tricks,
Or there are plenty of things round the house we could fix.

We could play on the computer - have a few games?
Or I'll light the fire and we'll stay warm by the flames.
You could have a hot bath and relax with some bubbles,
There's no need for the rain to cause you such troubles.

We could do a jigsaw; you've got loads of puzzles!
Or just find a nice teddy bear you could nuzzle.
We could set up your train track and watch them go - choo!
Or play hide and seek - me versus you."

Outside, the rain had come to a stop.
David's eyes opened so wide, they might pop!
"I can go out," he said with a grin.
"If it's not raining, I don't have to stay in!"

But he looked at his dad and his smile disappeared.
He'd had so many amazing ideas!
David suddenly smiled and he said:
"I'd rather stay in and play with you, instead."


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