Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Bedtime Story (28/10/2015)

Sleepy puppies.  You are WELCOME.

"I'm NOT Sleepy!"

Isla wasn't sleepy.
She was not tired at all.
In fact, she had a lot to do,
So she ignored her mother's call:

"Bedtime, Isla!  Time to sleep!"
Oh, don't be silly, mum!
As far as Isla was concerned,
Her fun had just begun!

She opened up her toy chest
And tipped the contents on the floor.
Then, she crawled under her bed
And pulled out even more!

With dolls and teddies everywhere,
Isla went on playing.
All the while, her frazzled mum
Just yawned and kept on saying:

"Isla, it's getting late now,
You really need to sleep.
So come on, tidy up these toys,
I don't want to hear another peep!"

But Isla dashed out of the room,
To have some fun downstairs.
"I'm still not sleepy," she called,
As she skipped without a care.

She rushed into the kitchen
And raided the biscuit tin.
She feasted on chocolate chip cookies
And gave her mum a naughty grin.

"Oh, Isla!  You need to clean your teeth,
It's not time for cookies, now!
I need to get you into bed!"
But Isla's mum did not know how.

Isla was a whirlwind;
She never seemed to sit still.
And bedtime was always a challenge.
The stress made her mum feel ill!

But there was no time to worry, now,
Isla was on a mission!
She opened up the patio doors
And ran out of the kitchen.

Into the garden, Isla dashed,
Beneath the starry sky.
She ran circles around the garden,
Whilst her exhausted mum cried: "WHY?!

It's way past your bedtime, now.
You must be tired, Isla!"
But Isla leaped onto the garden swing
And began flying higher and higher...

Next, Isla jumped off again
And ran straight back indoors.
But she wasn't going up to bed.
She wanted to jump on the sofa, of course!

Before her mum could say a word,
Isla was off upstairs again.
Her mum went chasing, far behind.
"Isla, it's time for this silliness to end!"

Isla grabbed a handful of books
From the shelf upon her wall.
"Time for a story," she declared.
"I want you to read them all!"

"I'll read you one," her mum yawned.
"There's no time for any more."
But Isla pulled a grumpy face
And threw herself on the floor!

She kicked, she screamed, she thrashed around,
Until at last her mum sighed: "FINE!
I'll read you two stories, but that's it.
And then it's your bedtime!"

So, Isla climbed up onto her bed
And snuggled beneath the covers.
She opened up the first book
And passed it to her mother.

But Isla's mum had barely started
When a strange sound filled her ears.
She turned to face her little girl
And almost cried happy tears.

There was Isla, sound asleep, Snoring,
Before the story reached its end.
"I do love you," her mum whispered softly.
"Even though you drive me round the bend."


  1. Lively, happy, fun and wise. What more could a bloke want? (except maybe Swansea beating nasty Arsenal with all their money!)

  2. Haha! I can't complain; my team won last weekend and my fingers are crossed for this weekend, too. ;)


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